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Linxup ELD Review

Finding the right electronic logging device (ELD) shouldn’t be hard –and Linxup understands that. Want something that is easy to install? They have it. Don’t have a way to use the ELD? It comes with its own specialized tablet. Getting your fleet up to date on ELD mandates and requirements is easy thanks to the Linxup ELD. 

How Does Linxup Work?

If you are wanting to install the ELD on a vehicle made after 1996, then all you need to do is plug the Linxup ELD into the OBII port and activate the device. After installation, the Linxup ELD will help you keep track of all information that you need to easily keep your logs up to date. You can even track all of your driver's locations and driving habits to help reduce insurance and liability.

Linxup ELD FAQs

To help you save some time, here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Linxup ELD and what to expect from their product. 

Can I Use My Own Tablet With the Linxup ELD Solution 

Unfortunately no. Linxup has a dedicated tablet to help you work with their ELD. 

How Can I Be Sure the Linxup ELD Solution Is Tamper-Proof?

For the Linxup ELD to even be certified and available, FMCSA requires that all systems be tamper-proof. Linxup uses a secure code verified by law enforcement.

Do Linxup ELDs Alert Drivers When They Are Nearing Their HOS Limits?

Yes, it will send a notification to the screen to notify the driver when they are close to their limits. 

Can I Access Vehicle Diagnostics and Idle Times Through a Linxup ELD Device?

Yes, you should be able to monitor the truck remotely through your connection to the app or the driver can find the information on the tablet itself. 

Do Linxup ELDs Provide IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Capabilities?

It is not an included feature on the basic subscription but IFTA is offered as an additional add-on for their advanced ELD packages. 

Performance Factors of the Linxup ELD

The Linxup ELD is a great choice because it has many of the features that you need on the road or in the office. Linxup lets you track all of your truck locations through GPS tracking and automatically changes the driver duty status. The driver's behavior is available to help you keep track of any odd or dangerous driving habits. 

With their tablet, you can quickly pull up reports for roadside inspections. Managing routes is simple and easy.  Additionally, Linxup users have access to online assistance and step-by-step tutorials. 

How Has the Linxup ELD Improved?

The physical build of the Linxup ELD has not seemed to have changed over time, but the primary differences are in the software itself. From making sure that the applications have all the information that you could need at any roadside stop to keeping them compatible with new devices. 

Linxup has spent time improving the application on the tablet that comes with the ELD to keep up with modern expectations of speed and connectivity. Additionally, they’ve added an IFTA feature as an option for your subscription. 

Best For 

Knowing whether or not the Linxup ELD is right for you can be fairly simple. Based on features and user reviews, the Linxup ELD be your best option if you’re looking for the following: 

  • Ease of Use
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Automatic Driver Status changes

The Upgrade to Linxup

Knowing all that the Linxup ELD has to offer even with what drawbacks there are, it is easy to see why it is a popular choice for many fleets. Take advantage of this user-friendly ELD, with GPS tracking and IFTA feature today!
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Hardware – $299.99

The first aspect is the hardware cost and it covers 2 pieces of equipment for you: the plug-in JBus tracking device and the tablet that connects and controls your ELD.

Data Plan

The second aspect is the data plan. Essentially for your Linxup ELD to function, you have to have one of their 3 data plans.

  • $29.99 per month – ELD only
  • $39.99 per month – ELD and GPS Tracking
  • $49.99 per month – ELD, GPS Tracking, and IFTA

Pros & Cons


To sum it all up, here are the pros that the Linxup ELD has to offer all of its users.

  • Eliminates paperwork and handwritten logs
  • Allows quick access to reports for roadside inspection
  • Monitor and get notifications for maintenance
  • Drivers have more accountability for their driving habits (hard braking, speeding, idle time, etc.)
  • Meets all regulations for ELD guidelines and is FMCSA certified


As with everything, there are a couple of drawbacks for the Linxup ELD.

  • Lack of compatibility with third-party tablets.
  • Additional tools such as IFTA are additional costs.
  • When the program is down you cannot track your drivers’ locations

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