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InTouch ELD Review

The InTouch electronic logging device (ELD) is designed to make ELD compliance easier. In this article, we'll take a deeper look at the InTouch ELD, highlighting its key features and comparing it to other ELDs currently on the market.

The US government has made utilizing ELDs for most commercial motor vehicles a legal requirement. The decision was made to make driving a safer profession. It is critical for your company to select the best ELD solution from the numerous products on the market.

How Does the InTouch ELD Work?

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) are driver tracking devices that are currently mandated by legislation. Let’s see if the InTouch ELD provides all the features that your business needs. With InTouch, you can access all of the tools you need from your mobile devices. Drivers may check how much driving time they have left and send logs promptly using the InTouch smartphone app. 

InTouch provides innovative solutions for truckers, spanning from ELD modification, notifications, and vehicle surveillance. For trucking companies and vehicle operators who want to stay compliant with IFTA and FMCSA rules, InTouch is the recommended GPS monitoring and ELD solution. InTouch has been producing some of the most advanced vehicle monitoring systems as well as the necessary support software.

InTouch ELD FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions by drivers about the InTouch ELD and its compliance with the ELD regulation.

How Do I Install the Intouch ELD?

The Intouch ELD is easy to install with mobile devices.

  • Open InTouch ELD and log in with a driver user account.
  • To open the ‘Connect to Vehicle' dialog, hit the ‘Connect' button below the app header on the main screen.
  • Then you'll need to connect to the VBUS device by Manual Connection or Auto Connection.

Is the InTouch ELD DOT Compliant? 

Yes, InTouch GPS's ELOGS are DOT-compliant.

Does the InTouch ELD Have GPS Capabilities?

Yes, you can administer, control, and monitor your fleet with their GPS fleet tracking technology and software.

Can I Edit Logs On My InTouch ELD?

On your InTouch ELD, you may create, modify, review, sign, print, or send inspection reports and logs.

Performance Factors of the InTouch ELD

If you're thinking about getting the InTouch ELD, you should think about the following aspects of its performance:


The InTouch ELD complies fully with current ELD requirements, and it guarantees to offer updates if and when those requirements change.


To satisfy your company's demands, InTouch GPS currently offers full ELD compliance and enterprise-level fleet management tools. These types of solutions are designed to help commercial fleets of all capacities achieve their objectives.


The Intouch ELD is well-known for its low cost. In addition, you will not be required to sign any lengthy deal in order to use the carrier's services.

How Has the InTouch ELD Improved?

The InTouch ELD is the latest in a line of monitoring systems meant to help organizations keep track of their vehicles. The features and tracking solutions offered in this system are outstanding, especially when compared to the price. 

Driver scorecards have been added to this ELD, making it simple to receive a quick summary of each driver's activity, allowing you to discover areas for development, and increase driver and user safety. The InTouch advanced analytics dashboard is now available for InTouch ELD users. This interface helps in tracking patterns across your whole fleet of vehicles.

Best For 

The InTouch ELD is best for:

  • Companies of all sizes
  • In-drive applications use
  • User-friendly solutions
  • Affordable ELD services

InTouch ELD is one of the Top ELD Devices

The InTouch ELD comes with a number of tools and services for fleet management and tracking compliance. If you want the ideal ELD solution, you'll have to be sure it meets your standards. Compare the features of this product to those of other ELD devices to determine which is best for your company's demands. 

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Payment Plans

  • Plan for Bring Your Own Device – $24.95 per month

At $24.95 per month, this option provides you with everything you need for free. You will be charged data costs for using the internet with this package.

  • $44.95/month for the Complete + Tablet Package

InTouch ELD includes a tablet, ELD installation gear, and Samsung Galaxy 8″ Tab E at no additional fee. However, you’ll be required to pay $44.95/month for up to three years.

Pros & Cons


The InTouch ELD has several benefits, including:

  • Affordability
  • Easy maintenance
  • There are no lengthy contracts
  • Real-time alerts


However, there are certain disadvantages to the InTouch ELD, including:

  • Only 30-day guarantee
  • Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service.
  • Must be locked into a contract

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Technical Specs

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