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Gorilla Safety ELD

Gorilla Safety’s fleet management system is quite unique in the world of ELDs. Beyond the basic electronic logging features, it includes some very interesting safety and management tools that we have not seen in other systems. The ELD itself will feel straightforward to anyone familiar with electronic logs, but the system really shines in its extended tools for tracking everything from maintenance to FMCSA required support documents.

The Gorilla DVIR is a patented system that uses GPS to record how long a driver spends on each inspection, and to ensure they physically visited all important inspection points on the truck. Defects found during an inspection automatically create a maintenance work-order for back office staff to view and address. The Gorilla system tracks and manages the entire process from inspection, to defect report, to repair, to sign off.

Gorilla’s back office system also has the ability to store driver qualification documents, maintenance inspection dates, and many other clerical items required for safety and compliance. The system can provide alerts when documents are expiring, inspections need to be performed, and other critical compliance events. Policy and training documents can also be sent to the driver’s ELD for review and signature, which provides an electronic record of acceptance. To our knowledge, Gorilla is the only system on the market that is specifically designed to store and track all the supporting documents required by the ELD mandate.

Extra safety and compliance features abound for the driver as well. The mobile app includes an accident coaching feature that walks the driver through everything they need to do in the event of an accident. It will prompt them to take pictures of damage, record witness contact info, note police report details, and even capture audio statements from witnesses. In a high-stress accident situation, having a clear guide to ensure the driver gathers all the required info can be extremely valuable.

Gorilla also claims the distinction of being one of the few devices on the market to be verified by a third party for ELD Mandate compliance. The system was reviewed by KPMG (a major audit and accounting firm) to ensure that all of the FMCSA’s many requirements have been met. While there are many fully compliant ELDs on the market, detailed verification by a 3rd party provides customers with extra peace of mind, and reflects Gorilla’s confidence in their product.

Gorilla has continued to greatly expand their features and capabilities to provide an advanced compliance management toolkit, while still offering an easy and affordable way for independent drivers and smaller businesses to get ELD compliant. The pricing and simple ELD functionality may be appealing to anyone, but Gorilla’s unique extra features make it particularly interesting for growing fleets looking for a better way to manage the many processes and documents required to stay compliant.








*$20/mo, plus an estimated $10/mo for cell provider data plan

Gorilla will price match any quote in writing from another ELD provider.
10% military discount.
Canada and Mexico Compliant.
Available in Spanish.

Pros & Cons

  • Unique features that go well beyond logs
  • Affordable price tag
  • Independently verified for ELD mandate compliance

User Reviews

No engine Fault codes
Simon Easterbee — 03/24/21

The no engine fault code part is the big dinger but otherwise everything is smooth, functions well, and is reliable.

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