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Geotab ELD Review

The Geotab ELD is an easy-to-use electronic logging device that makes it possible for you to keep your fleet updated and aligned with the current mandates. From tracking the hours of service (HOS) to knowing when to schedule maintenance on your trucks, the Geotab ELD has the tools that your fleet needs. 

How Does Geotab ELD Work? 

Once your Geotab ELD is plugged in, you can connect to it with an iOS or Android device via the compatible apps. This makes it easy to keep tabs on your fleet and your drivers in particular. 

Between HOS and DVIR, this is an all-in-one solution. Just plug the ELD in and mount it using the materials provided to you. Once it’s set up and your vehicle is turned on, your ELD is ready to use. 

Geotab ELD FAQs

People typically have a lot of questions about the Geotab ELD. Here are some of the more common questions that you may be asking yourself, followed by the answers to each of the FAQs. 

What ELD Solutions Does Geotab Offer? 

The Geotab ELD offers solutions that make sure fleets meet their regulations. Geotab also provides a logging system that is FMCSA-certified. You can easily access the logs and hours information via custom dashboard reports. 

Can Geotab Help With ELD Mandate Compliance?

When you have the Geotab ELD, you’ll be in compliance with rules pertaining to hours of service, driver vehicle inspection reporting, and driver ID, all of which are important in terms of meeting ELD mandates. 

How Do You Apply Personal Conveyance on the Geotab ELD?

Once you open the Geotab Drive app, tap on the HOS section. From there, press on View Exemptions, click Start under the Personal Conveyance menu and add an Annotation to the pop-up box stating “Apply exemption today. Are you sure you want to apply personal conveyance? You will be asked to continue personal conveyance at next ignition on.” Once that is completed, click Apply to activate personal conveyance on the Geotab ELD. 

How Do You Edit the HOS Status Logs in Geotab Drive and MyGeotab?

Select the Activity menu, and then choose the HOS menu, followed by HOS Logs. From there, click Options, choose the desired date period, select a driver, and apply the changes. Afterward, find the duty status that you wish to edit, and then, using the dropdown menu next to the Status section, you can select the correct status. Make an annotation and save your work. 

How Does a Driver Log Into the Geotab Drive App?

Logging into the Geotab Drive app is simple because the Drive app works just like any other app. Open the Geotab Drive app, enter your username, type in your password, and click Log In. Just like that, you’ll gain access to your Drive app account! 

How Do I Set a Driver Ruleset on the Geotab ELD?

You can set the driver ruleset after logging in to the Geotab app. Click on HOS, followed by Options, and then select the pencil icon next to the current ruleset. 

Once you have finished editing the ruleset, simply select the ruleset you want to use and click Done. Don’t worry about the possibility of drivers changing the rulesets. In order to do so, they’ll need special clearances before they can make any changes. 

How Do You Pull an IFTA Report on the Geotab ELD?

Geotab made the IFTA reports extremely easy to access from the Geotab ELD. When you are logged in, click on Activity, which is located on the left-hand menu. Then, simply click on IFTA Report, and just like that, you can view the IFTA reports with ease. 

Performance Factors of the Geotab ELD

Two major deciding factors when it comes to choosing an ELD are the installation process and its ease of use. The set-up process for the Geotab ELD is simple. 

All you have to do is plug a cable into the diagnostics port and then into the Geotab ELD. To better understand the full process and to figure out if you connected your Geotab correctly, check out the walkthrough tutorial

As far as usability is concerned, many users have reported that it can be hard to navigate all of the features available on the Geotab ELD. Some are buried within menus, making them difficult to find, though that can be more so related to the familiarity the user has with the app rather than with the ELD itself. 

How Has the Geotab ELD Improved?

Previously, there were multiple versions of the Geotab ELD, but the company chose to reduce the number of models by consolidating them all into the current available model. They took the best parts of each ELD and combined them into what is now the primary Geotab ELD. 

This makes it easier for customer service to do their job as they only need to be familiar with one ELD rather than multiple. This has cut down on the time that customers spend on the phone with the support teams when they run into operational issues. 

Best For 

Like any other electronic logging device, the Geotab ELD excels in many ways. Here are some of the best features of the Geotab ELD! 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Third-party device compatibility 
  • Easy installation process 

The Long-Term Geotab Solution

Overall, the Geotab ELD holds up in comparison to many other ELD options currently on the market. There are definitely perks as well as drawbacks to the device, but if you want a solid ELD that will keep you compatible with current ELD mandates and is easy to access via any mobile device, the Geotab ELD is perfect for you. 

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Hardware – $79.99 to $99.99 

You’ll need to purchase a subscription in addition to the physical product. You have to provide detailed information to Geotab in order to receive a starting quote or input on the costs to purchase the ELD with subscriptions. This makes it difficult to compare the costs of other ELDs with the price of the Geotab ELD.

Pros & Cons


Beyond the basics of an ELD, the Geotab comes with a myriad of benefits that help it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the most notable benefits of the Geotab ELD. 

  • Complete FMCSA compliance
  • Arrival time, departure time, and delivery status tracking abilities  
  • Mobile updates about your fleet engines to keep drivers on the road 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Automatic drive status updates


ELD devices are not perfect, and the Geotab ELD is no exception to that claim. While there are not many drawbacks to report, the ones that do exist might be deal breakers for you, so make sure you keep them in mind when considering the Geotab ELD. 

  • Vague pricing online
  • Custom quotes based on fleet size and needs
  • App functionality difficult to interpret or understand

User Reviews

Not Driver Friendly At All
Rob Robby — 08/05/22

Can’t see real time hours. Personal Conveyance has to be engaged every time you start the truck, unlike KT – set it, forget it until you change it. Easy to interrupt a reset by ‘going on duty’ inadvertently with GT. Have to search deep in the app for high-use items. Not a driver friendly app


Totally agree, constantly having to monitor what it’s doing, as if I don’t have enough to do all day

Technical Specs

Coming Soon