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Geotab Dash Cam

Because of its flexibility and customization capabilities, the Geotab camera system should appeal to fleet owners and operators with fleets of any size or composition. Also, the Geotab fleet management platform can host many other smart devices.

Geotab offers several dashcam solutions that integrate seamlessly into its telematics fleet management software platform. As a result, this company has a dash cam plan for a variety of  video monitoring needs.

The demand for in-vehicle video recording has prompted a herd of electronic logging device providers to add a dash cam system to their fleet management product lines. From this Geotab dash cam review, you should get a good understanding of what Geotab has to offer and how its dash cam features stack up to the competition.

Is the Geotab Dash Cam System for you?

Because of its flexibility and customization capabilities, the Geotab camera system should appeal to fleet owners and operators with fleets of any size or composition. Also, the Geotab fleet management platform can host many other smart devices.

For the most part, Geotab’s dash cam system is a good option for any independent owner-operator or fleet manager who wants to go beyond just meeting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ELD mandate.

What is Geotab?

Geotab Inc. is a Canadian-based telematics vendor with a world-leading status in the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected vehicles. The founder and CEO is Neil Cawse. With more than 2 million subscribers and 1,000 employees, the Geotab fleet management system is an open platform that allows its users to optimize fleet operations with machine learning and data analytics. In 2019, Geotab earned revenues between $200 and $500 million.

Since launching in 2000, Geotab Inc. has grown from a small company to a prime influencer in cloud and internet-of-things applications. Because this company owns all the rights to its hardware and firmware, Geotab telematics developers can swiftly add features to meet emerging consumer demands and market changes.

How to operate the Geotab dash cam

Geotab’s telematics technology provides the foundation for enhancing your automated fleet management system with a combination of artificial intelligence and video monitoring. This complete dash cam system can help you improve your drivers’ performance, maintain more accurate records, and keep your assets safe.

The event-triggered Geotab camera setup records driver actions for logging, managerial, and learning purposes. It provides vital 360-degree visual details of the location and factors of an incident, even at night. For instance, dash cams with AI can detect when a driver is:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Dozing off
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • In danger of colliding with another vehicle or object
  • Making risky driving maneuvers
  • Not paying attention

MyGeotab immediately uploads video-recorded data from the Geotab camera port. This feature enables you to make real-time decisions concerning driver behavior and other data feedback. It combines the video data with other telematics data to form a more detailed description of an event.

Geotab doesn’t offer an in-house dash cam device. Instead, it features Geotab compatible dash cams in Geotab Marketplace. The company’s website hosts 13 vetted vendors who provide various combinations of dash cam solutions. The fields of comparison for these products are:

  • Plan Type: Base, Pro, Pro Plus, Regulatory, and Third-Party Device
  • Customer Type: Small business, mid-market, or enterprise
  • Integration Type: Light, medium, full, or third-party
  • Support: 24/7, Online Chat, Support Documentation, Video Walkthroughs, Knowledge Base

FAQs about the Geotab Dash Cam

Is Geotab legit?

Over the past 20 years, Geotab fleet telematics has earned its way to the commercial vehicles industry’s forefront. This achievement is the reason Geotab has had a five-year growth rate of 446%.

In 2020, Geotab ranked No. 175 on the Canadian Business and Maclean’s List of Canada’s 500 fastest growing companies. Plus, the company won the 2020 Enterprise Fast 15 award from the Deloitte Technology Awards program.

Are truckers required to have a dash cam?

At present, there are no U.S. laws that require the use of dash cams. Also, there are no industry mandates concerning dash cams. However, insurance and legal protections are among the reasons why more fleet operators voluntarily add these devices to their fleets.

How do you install a dash cam?

  1. Install the SIM and SD cards in the appropriate slots. Use the special screwdriver in the package to unlock the tamper-proof case.
  2. Mount the camera. Attach the camera to the mounting bracket. To prevent the camera from obstructing your vision, mount it in an area outside of your usual line of sight. The adhesive will stick more securely on a clean and dry surface.
  3. Connect the camera to the power source. If you are doing a self-install, the two most straightforward ways are to use an OBD cable to connect to the OBD port, or use a USB cable to plug into a 5V 2A power source.

Are dash cams legal?

In the U.S., dash cams are legal, but various states have laws that regulate where you can mount your cam and when you can record. For example, many states don’t allow you to mount your dash cam on your vehicle’s windshield.

Generally, you can legally record in public locations where there is no expectation of privacy. A commercial vehicle would qualify as a public place.

What is the best dash cam?

The best dash cam is the one that fits your fleet’s size and needs. When looking to purchase a dash cam, consider these factors:

  • High resolution
  • Versatile setting features
  • Ease of use
  • Design qualities
  • Adaptability

Alternatives to the Geotab dash cam

KeepTrucking has an Artificial Intelligence smart dash cam that is part of its telematics fleet management ELD. Its inward and forward-facing cams feature a 10-minute installation with no SD cards, real-time alerts, 150-degree field of view, and AI event detections. The video gateway uploads all triggered video content.

Rand McNally has a selection of dash cams that are part of its DriveConnect fleet management platform. The cams feature lane departure warnings, full HD resolution, extra wide angles, automatic collision detection, built-in GPS, and night mode. Rand McNally offers the dash cam devices as part of its asset tracking package.

Final Thoughts

Geotab is a reliable company that offers complete and competitive telematics solutions for dash cam coverage. Its selection of dash cams integrates with the Geotab fleet management ELD to provide a seamless and thorough accounting of each trip event or incident.

Because Geotab is a leader in IoT technology and telematics, you can expect your dash cam set-up and performance will be top notch. However, you should do your due diligence with the reseller you select. Make sure it has a proper pricing structure and good customer service.

If you choose to buy this dash cam system, submit a review of your buying and product experience.


Because it offers various dash cam systems through its vetted partners, Geotab doesn’t list prices for any of these devices. You must endure an exhaustive sales process or go through Geotab telematics resellers. If you choose to go through the buying process, please do us a favor and write a review with your price quote.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective in reducing fleet insurance rates: The Geotab camera system produces clear visual evidence for incident reports, possibly revealing the cause.
  • Useful in reducing crash risk and other vehicle-related accidents: In 2016, the National Transportation Safety Board found that more than 3,000 fatal crashes in the U.S. involved distracted drivers. With that in mind, Geotab’s dash cam systems alert drivers when their focus strays from the job at hand.
  • Serves as an excellent driver coaching training tool: Actual video event footage serves as an essential teaching instrument in illustrating good and bad driving practices. It can help drivers increase their driving performance by making smarter decisions.
  • Easy Geotab installation: Geotab installation requirements make adding your compatible dash cams a no-brainer.
  • Increasing asset protection: The Geotab camera system provides indisputable video evidence to protect your fleet from unexplained damage and false accusations.


  • Lack of price transparency: Unless you are a potential paying customer, it is challenging to get a quote from Geotab or its resellers.
  • Inconsistent customer service and product policies: It’s difficult to predict the kind of customer service and product feature you will get because it markets its products through resellers.
  • Theft risk: Because these devices are in clear view of passersby, they could tempt petty criminals to take advantage of their easy removal.

User Reviews

Quick, Easy and Effective
Tim McCathy — 03/23/21

This product gives you exactly what you are looking for. High definition video with an easy set up.

Very happy with the end result

Product is great, CS... not so much
Sussman Volk — 03/23/21

The product works great does everything you want in a dsahcam, only problem I have had is the customer service isn’t great. The product is the main focus I suppose, and it is great. Good video quality plus its has that feature where it alerts drivers when they are not looking at the road.

Technical Specs

Coming Soon