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Garmin Dezl

The Garmin dash cam can be a valuable tool for anyone who drives trucks for a living or covers long routes. It acts as an onboard eyewitness with navigation features like a GPS tracking fleet system and hour-logging. Although the GPS routing features are oriented toward truck drivers, it can also be used in standard car mode for non-commercial vehicles.

Garmin Dezl Dash Cam brings cutting-edge navigational features to the big rig industry. The device helps truck drivers stay alert and connected for long hours. Its built-in camera encourages safer driving behavior with warnings and alerts to prevent potential incidents. More so, it automatically records the drive routes and stores video files.

You can save the dimensions of different trucks if you have a fleet of trailers. This Garmin Dezl Dash Cam review provides in-depth information on the valuable tool.

Who should get the Garmin Dezl dash cam?

The Garmin dash cam can be a valuable tool for anyone who drives trucks for a living or covers long routes.

The Garmin Dezl dash cam acts as an onboard eyewitness with navigation features like a GPS tracking fleet system and hour-logging. Although the GPS routing features are oriented toward truck drivers, it can also be used in standard car mode for non-commercial vehicles.

Using the Smartphone Link app, drivers can receive free live updates for traffic, weather, time-saving parking information, and points of interest, such as the nearest attractions, hotels, and restaurants.

What is it?

The Garmin dash cam is an over-the-road truck navigator with a built-in, high-definition camera and easy-route monitoring solutions. In Olathe, Kansas, Garmin Ltd. was founded by Min Kao and Gary Burrell in 1989. The company now provides GPS-enabled navigation, communications, and information devices for the fitness, marine, automotive, and aviation industries.

Today, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the organization has retail stores in several locations. Its Kansas headquarters has a service center. The company has around 15,000 employees across 35 offices worldwide and is one of the market leaders in wearable technology.

How to use the Garmin Dezl dash cam

This section of our Garmin Dezl Dash Cam review includes the device installation, features, and specifications.

 Install the Garmin dash cam using these simple steps:

  1. Before mounting the device, plug the power cable into its micro-USB port.
  2. Place the device with the Garmin logo right-side up, and connect the mount onto the suction cup.
  3. Press the suction cup tightly onto the windshield and place the device onto the mount.

Be careful about the camera placement as both the mount and device contain magnets that can interfere with internal medical devices like pacemakers. Also, keep the device away from direct sunlight to prevent extreme heat damage to the lithium-ion battery.

The Garmin Dezl dash cam comes with an 8GB microSD storage, a battery that offers two-hour run time, motion detection, Wi-Fi capabilities, and parking mode.

As soon as your truck hits the road, the Dezl cam automatically records HD video on the route and saves it via the incident detection sensor, which could help determine fault during the collision. You can use the Snapshot feature to take close-up pictures of the incident and save the footage manually.

Mounting it on the dashboard may be more comfortable to adjust the swivel lens and get an optimal view on the pinch-to-zoom, 6-inch glass screen. The device comes preloaded with detailed maps of places across North America and offers lifetime map updates for no charge.

FAQs about the Garmin Dezl dash cam

Is Garmin Ltd. Legit?

Yes, Garmin Ltd. and its subsidiaries provide GPS navigation, wearable technology, and wireless products for consumers worldwide. Its products range from fitness to pet training to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Are truckers required to have a dash cam?

No laws restrict commercial truck drivers or fleet owners from using dash cams in the U.S., and there are no laws requiring them either. Having one installed in your truck can prevent collisions and know that you are armed with valuable evidence if there is one in your truck.

How do you install a dash cam?

The Garmin Dezl dash cam mounts on the windshield or dashboard with the help of a suction cup.

Are dash cams legal?

In some jurisdictions, using dash cams is regulated or even prohibited. Before purchasing the Garmin dash cam, ensure to understand the dash cams laws in your state.

What is the best dash cam?

The best dash cam depends on your needs, vehicle type, and other variables. In general, pick a device that offers a wider angle of view.

How do I update my Garmin Dezl dash cam?

Connect to a Wi‑Fi network, and the device automatically checks and displays a notification if updates are available. You can check manually from the About Device features in System updates. Select Map or Software for respective updates or click Download to install all updates.

Other dash cams to consider

In terms of clear visibility, screen size, price, features, maps, and real-time tracking, other truck GPS dash cams to consider are Rand McNally devices that provide best-in-class navigational tools. They come with detailed maps with accurate road infrastructure and advanced truck navigation features like video location tagging, time-lapse, night mode, and still photo options. They cost between ‎$387 and $539.99.

Rexing Ultra HD dash cam has additional features like image resizing, video pausing, and automatic wide-angle camera recording upon sensing vibration. It is priced at $99.99.

Other truck GPS navigation devices with smart mobility features come from the Amsterdam-based company, TomTom. They are available below the $300-mark and get regular map updates for the U.S. and Canada.

Bottom line

The Garmin Dezl Dash Cam has several pros for truckers. Even as it boasts of unique trucking features, buyers have to consider the drawbacks. Primarily designed as a GPS device, the camera can do with several improvements.

Overall, video quality, map information, and mount size might feel lacking to some truckers. Loyal customers of other brands may look into a better option within the same price bracket.


Many factors affect the Garmin dash cam’s cost, such as the display screen size or whether it offers HD Digital Live Traffic updates. The price may also increase if you purchase the optional backup camera and Garmin eLog compliant electronic logging device, or you need access to Garmin Live Services. Free shipping, quantity discounts, and business-only pricing may be available for bulk orders. The Garmin Dezl dash cam starts at $499.99

Pros & Cons


Fleet managers can satisfy hours of service and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance requirements for electronic logging devices with its simple truck monitoring solution. Drivers can communicate with dispatchers using text messages, track duty status and remaining hours, and seamlessly route to their destinations.

  • Ample service locations: Drivers can use a convenient log to document service dates, tire pressure, fluid changes, and repairs. Users can access Garmin’s truck and trailer service directory to check which of the 30,000 locations throughout North America offer repair services after hours.
  • Clear voice prompt: Drivers get clear, turn-by-turn audio directions even in high traffic. Instead of using recognizable landmarks, the Garmin dash cam uses Active Lane Guidance and Spoken Garmin Real Directions instruct you to take the proper lane in a friendly voice and brightly colored arrows.
  • Nearby places: The Up Ahead features lets users locate parking spots in the event of unexpected halts. You can find food, lodging, rest areas, ATMs, gas stations, showers, and even customize your favorite destinations and preferred routes.
  • Helpful alerts: The device issues truck-related road warnings and notifications like bridge heights, lane departures, sharp curves, weight limits, and forward-collision alerts. Drivers receive real-time information like live traffic and weather updates with the built-in Wi-Fi feature.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: The device supports hands-free navigation and wireless calling via an integrated microphone and speaker. Users can take calls and check app alerts with customizable smart notifications or reply to texts that appear on the navigation display.


  • Out-of-date maps: Even if you enter your truck’s profile characteristics, the route suggestions may not always consider them. Several users complain about the mapping features as they were directed to strange roads far out of their way.
  • Software issues. Users reporters a subpar interface and slow download/upload speeds. The device is also reportedly prone to frequent reboots. The screen doesn’t show some fuel stops, delivery locations, speed limit, and parking, which could indicate infrequent updates.
  • GPS screen. Some Garmin Dezl dash cam users expressed difficulty in customizing the map screen as the large icons cannot be moved from their default locations. The videos recorded sometimes seem shaky and unusable.
  • Camera issues: The size of the camera, even the 5-inch ones, may not be ideal for smaller vehicles. It is also not independently adjustable, and to capture a different camera angle, the whole device and accompanying equipment must be moved.

User Reviews

Love it!
Chuck Moore — 03/30/21

I really enjoy the Garmin devices. I’ve had a Garmin watch for many years and decided to get a Garmin GPS with drive cam, which is why I chose the Garmin Dezl. It’s simple to use and I’ve had no issues. I enjoy sharing videos with family back home about my adventures over the road.

Good but needs some improvements
Kristian Nairn — 03/23/21

Some truckers have complained that the maps are old, but otherwise it works fine. Very reliable and easy to use.

Technical Specs

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