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eCapital Review

When choosing a factoring company, it is crucial to find the best fit for your business. eCapital has become a driving force in the factoring industry, imploring new technology that makes factoring more efficient. In the following review, you’ll find a comprehensive outline. 

The outline goes over what the company is and what it does, as well as the pros and the cons of using eCapital. If your company has considered using a factoring provider, this review should help you decide whether eCapital is the right partner for your needs.

Who Is eCapital?

Since 2006, eCapital has been on a mission to change the way small to medium sized businesses access the funding they need to reach their goals. The eCapital suite of products helps trucking companies get paid fast and improve cash flow. 

eCapital FAQs

Before diving into the pros and the cons of working with eCapital, let’s cover some frequently asked questions so that you can learn more about the company. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up With eCapital?

Once a request for more information has been submitted on eCapital's website, you will be contacted by eCapital with a request of information. Once all the paperwork has been submitted, it takes a couple of days for eCapital to make an approval decision.

How Long Does It Take eCapital To Pay You?

Once invoices are approved, funds are immediately available within your eCapital account. You have multiple options for how you can access your funds from your account. InstaPay is a feature of eCapital accounts that allows you to make instant transfers to your bank-even after hours or on holidays and weekends. It’s an easy way to receive your money with no waiting, no hassles, no worries about banking hours. Another way to access your funds is through eCapital's Visa commercial cards. They work exactly like a debit card, but instead of being connected to a bank account, it's connected to your eCapital account. There's no limit to how many cards you can have open, and that makes it a great option to use as a company card with your employees. You can approve new users and set customized spending options with limits by day, purchase type, amount then freeze cards at the click of a button within the online portal.

How Is eCapital Different From Factoring Companies?

The biggest benefit to using eCapital, that no other factoring company features, is the eCapital Connect client portal. People turn to factoring because they need funds in their accounts now. eCapital Connect makes factoring as efficient as possible, so you can get your money as soon as possible. In this online portal, you can submit invoices, get paid, transfer funds, request debit cards, and review lines of credit all in one place. The simplicity eCapital Connect brings to managing the funds for your company not only makes your life easier but makes it so you won't miss anything related to your business. They make it even more accessible by having a mobile app, so when you're on the road, you can check and manage your money from anywhere.

Services eCapital Offers

eCapital's suite of services includes the following:

  • Freight factoring 
  • Invoice factoring
  • Asset- based lending 
  • Lines of credit
  • Visa Commercial card
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Fuel discount program
  • Load boards
  • Dispatch software
  • Equipment refinancing

As you can see, eCapital can provide you with more than just factoring services to assist in taking your trucking business to the next level.

Best For 

eCapital factoring services are best for businesses that fit into these categories:

  • Owner-operators
  • Small to medium sized fleets
  • Need of quick payments
  • Access to additional credit line options
  • All in one factoring management program

If this sounds like you, then eCapital might be the right solution for all of your factoring needs. 


eCapital does not have a standard rate per product. Costs are dependent on the services you use and the amount of invoices eCapital handles for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick funding
  • Instant transfers, even after hours
  • Complimentary back office support
  • Fuel discounts
  • 24/7 support
  • Other premium services
  • Money management system


  • No upfront pricing or rates
  • Must contact customer service to receive a quote

Should I Partner with eCapital?

If you operate a trucking company and want to leverage all in one factoring services, then yes, working with eCapital can be a great business decision. They offer a 90 day risk free trial of their services.

They can be a great partner for lines of credit and other lending needs. Therefore, you should do your research, compare rates and determine which solution makes the most financial sense for the needs of your business.

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