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FleetUp Review

Like virtually every other organization in the logistics sector, your company is probably constantly on the lookout for ways to get a leg up on the competition. While there are many ways of gaining an edge, investing in real-time fleet tracking and management software is one of the most pragmatic solutions. If you have searched for fleet tracking software, then you have likely encountered FleetUp. Are they the next big thing in the fleet management sector or just another option? We believe it is the former, but this FreightWaves Ratings review should help you decide for yourself! Real time fleet GPS tracking, 360-degree visibility, improved driver safety, fuel cost savings, and maintain compliance!

What Is FleetUp?

FleetUp is a cloud-based fleet management platform, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format, Customers pay a monthly subscription in exchange for the service. The major selling point of this platform is that it provides real-time fleet status updates, including fuel usage, driver behavior, location data, and vehicle maintenance timetables. Additionally, FleetUp provides fleet managers and organizational leaders with advanced analytics that they can use to identify cost-saving opportunities. The platform can be used to assist with compliance, safety initiatives, maintenance alerts, and general fleet oversight. 

FleetUp FAQ

We have compiled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand the company, products, and services. The questions and our team’s findings are outlined below: 

What Are the Main Features of FleetUp?

The top features of FleetUp include:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset (trailer) tracking
  • FMCSA HOS compliance
  • Fuel efficiency management
  • Monthly reporting tools
  • Driver/employee management
  • Delivery routing
  • Mileage logging
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Violation alerts
  • Work order management
  • Real-time reporting

The above is not a comprehensive list of features but rather a highlight reel of FleetUp’s functionality. 

Who Are the Typical Users of FleetUp?

FleetUp is designed for fleets of all sizes and industries, however, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises would likely benefit the most from the platform’s suite of features.

How Does FleetUp’s GPS Work?

FleetUp’s intelligent devices connect to the engine of each of your fleet vehicles. Using a cellular network(s), the device automatically sends data to the cloud. You can access FleetUp’s software from any device with a browser by using their secure login.

Does FleetUp work on iPhone, Android, and Tablets?

Yes, there is an app for both iOS and Android devices. FleetUp has a mobile app for administrators so that they can stay connected to their fleet when they are on the go. There is also a mobile app for the drivers so that they can avoid HOS fines and stay connected to the team in the office.

What Are FleetUp’s Security Features?

FleetUp has several customizable failsafe features that you can use to protect your vehicles and cargo. The most notable failsafe capabilities are linked to the company’s temperature monitoring devices and cargo security solutions. These devices will alert your staff if the temperature or humidity within cargo containers exceeds established thresholds. You can then take prompt action to prevent spoilage and minimize losses that will eat into your bottom line. With FleetUp’s cargo security solutions your company can combat the $30 billion a year cargo theft problem. Real-time break-in alerts via SMS or email, an advanced map interface, and lost and late shipment detection provides actionable tools against theft crimes.

Does FleetUp Have APIs? 

Yes, the FleetUp team has created several application program interfaces (APIs), which are available to clients at no extra cost. This allows companies to integrate with other transportation and office technologies. Once a client purchases the platform, they will be able to access the appropriate APIs to integrate FleetUp with various products.

FleetUps APIs are designed to facilitate communication between the platform and other transportation or customer technologies. Once a client purchases access to the platform, they will be able to download the appropriate API to integrate FleetUp with their TMS.

Performance Factors of FleetUp

FleetUp has a reputation for being extremely intuitive and user-friendly. As a result, you should have no issues training your team and drivers to use the software, which can help you decrease your costs and make the most out of your new investment. Additionally, you can find tutorials within the product to better learn how to take advantage of the product functionality.

Best For

Regardless of fleet size, FleetUp can provide solutions that scale as the company grows. This allows organizational leaders to make the necessary investments they need today, while planning to grow in the future. This approach would help the organizational leaders of a fleet get more bang for their buck while simultaneously allowing them to modernize key fleet management processes. 

FleetUp Products 

FleetUp offers several different software solutions, as well as devices and equipment. Its product lineup includes:

  • Fleet management
  • Asset management
  • Equipment management 
  • Software packages
  • Mobile apps
  • AI dashcams
  • Temperature sensors
  • Equipment monitors
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs)

FleetUp Technologies

The FleetUp team offers various technologies and tools, including:

  • Fleet automation
  • Fleet telematics
  • Asset tracking
  • Cloud-based software
  • Mobile apps 


Monthly rate is based on fleet size, starting at $19.00 per vehicle per month with a 1 year contract.

Pros & Cons


FleetUp offers some great benefits to its clients, including:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Robust insights into fleet efficiency
  • Excellent customer service
  • The ability to cut costs

As with most SaaS platforms, FleetUp’s benefits are compounded when you stack its various solutions. Leveraging a single technology will not yield as many advantages as deploying the entire software suite. However, each business leader should choose the combination of services that best aligns with their company’s needs.


One consideration is the ability to integrate with various partners and platforms. FleetUp has a set of APIs that are published for third-parties to integrate into FleetUp’s fleet management platform. Occasionally, engineering time is requested to answer questions on how the integration and data elements may be passed through the APIs, and this may take some focused time and attention to setup and code details.

To address this concern, the user may contact FleetUp’s sales or customer success organization to discuss the many ways integrations with third-parties can be implemented.

Fleet and Asset Management All-in-One

Overall, most reviews have positive sentiments toward the fleet management solution. FleetUp has a ton to offer, and we were particularly fond of the fact that the company provides both innovative software and the equipment to pair with it.

All-in-all, FleetUp is a solution worth exploring, especially if your organization is looking to streamline its fleet and asset management. Make sure to do your research and gather specific pricing information on the provider’s various service packages so that you can determine whether it fits your needs.

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