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FleetUp 360

The FleetUp 360 dash cam can be a great product for those who already have a forward-facing dash camera in the truck, but who would like an interior cab view too. Fleets that use more than one camera to achieve full 360-degree vision can simplify the setup with this single-camera design.

Dashboard cameras have become must-have tech gear for professional drivers. Having the ability to record the driver’s actions on the road helps to limit liability for your company in case of an accident. Your dash cam video shows exactly what happened, rather than relying on potentially unreliable or untruthful testimony from the other driver or witnesses.

One option is the FleetUp Dash Cam. This camera includes a dome lens that delivers a 360-degree view. You can see both inside and outside the cab at the time of any incident, all from a single lens.

Who should get the FleetUp 360 dash cam?

Our FleetUp 360 dash cam review shows that this can be a great product for those who already have a forward-facing dash camera in the truck, but who would like an interior cab view too. Fleets that use more than one camera to achieve full 360-degree vision can simplify the setup with this single-camera design.

If you already use FleetUp for other tracking services, this camera integrates into FleetUp’s telematics bundle and into its overall fleet management solution, making for an easy transition.

What is it? 

Since its founding in 2013, FleetUp has been creating telematic solutions for fleets that automate processes previously done manually. The company develops solutions aimed at helping clients reduce costs and solve real-world performance problems.

HUMAX and FleetUp have partnered for several years, and HUMAX recently expanded its investment in FleetUp with $20 million of funding. 

FleetUp partners with Waylens for the hardware for the 360 dash camera. Customers then use the Waylens camera with the FleetUp software package. 

How to use the FleetUp 360 dash cam

You’ll need to connect the dash cam directly to the truck’s wiring to provide constant power. Installation requires some knowledge of the wiring system. Your fleet’s maintenance department should be able to handle it, but an individual trucker may need some professional help.

Once you have installed the FleetUp dash cam, it will run automatically, sending video to cloud storage. It records while the truck is in motion, taking note of special events, such as hard braking, sharp turns, significant accelerations, or collisions. It will alert the back office to these events, allowing management to review the specific segment of the video related to the event.

Even when the truck’s engine is idle, the FleetUp 360 will use a motion sensor to alert it to record events, such as if someone breaks into the cab. Otherwise, the dash cam sits idle when the truck sits idle.

FAQs about the FleetUp 360 dash cam 

Is FleetUp legit?

This company provides multiple solutions for fleets, allowing for real-time fleet connectivity. FleetUp has more than 100 employees, managing more than 25,000 installed devices around the world. 

Are truckers required to have a dash cam?

No, but many fleets install them to help improve driver safety, facilitate better driver coaching, and have a video record in case of an accident.

How do you install a dash cam?

A DIY installation is possible, but using professionals who are familiar with the electrical system of the truck will ensure a successful install. With the Waylens camera, you will need to directly wire the camera to the truck’s wiring system to deliver constant power, and you’ll need to have a working knowledge of the vehicle’s fuse box.

Are dash cams legal?

Yes. However, you must adhere to state laws regarding passenger privacy and placement of the dash cam.

Other dash cams to consider 

  • Samsara CM32 dual-facing dash cam: Samsara uses two separate cameras to deliver a front-facing view and an in-cab view. Like the FleetUp camera, the Samsara camera sends its videos directly to the cloud, so management can see them any time. The price point can exceed the budget of smaller fleets, though. 
  • Verizon Connect fleet dash cam: Verizon serves as one of the largest software providers for fleet management, and its dash camera integrates closely with all of its other services. It only has a 150-degree exterior field of view, though, so you can’t see the interior of the cab.

Bottom line

As dash cams become easier to use, commercial drivers will receive significant benefits from having a camera inside the cab. Not only does it protect the driver and the fleet from liability in case of a crash, but it also could lead to reduced insurance premiums. 

If you’re going to make use of dash cams in your fleet, a 360-degree dome lens camera, such as the FleetUp 360, could be the way to go. It does cost more than a front-facing-only dash cam, but the ability to see both the interior and exterior of the cab at the same time can be a benefit. This camera is not perfect, especially considering the reportedly lower-quality video at night, but its 360-degree field of vision is enough to offset that drawback for many.


The company does not publicly reveal the cost of its FleetUp dash cam. Customers must contact the company for a direct pricing quote. FleetUp’s basic service pricing starts at about $19 per month, but adding extra features increases the price.

The Waylens camera has a standalone price of about $400, but you may receive a reduced cost when ordering the entire package from FleetUp. You will have to purchase a cellular plan, adding at least $20 to the monthly cost.

Remember, this is an estimation. Several factors will determine the actual cost, including whether you have a compatible device, whether you need back-office access, and the variable cost of mounting hardware. 




$39 and up


$1,804 and up

Pros & Cons


  • Dome-style lens: The lens at the top of the camera has a dome shape, giving it a 360-degree field of vision, so you can see everything inside and around the cab of the truck. This is the primary feature that sets the FleetUp 360 apart from other models.
  • Power conservation features: This camera draws a minimal amount of power when the truck is not running, allowing it to operate in an unattended vehicle for hundreds of hours without killing the truck’s battery.
  • Automatic operation: Although the physical installation of this camera can be difficult, the process of recording video and submitting it to the cloud is completely automatic, which simplifies operation.
  • Enforcing accountability: If your fleet has rules regarding driver behavior, having the dash cam in place can encourage drivers to abide by those rules and offers opportunities for driver coaching.


  • Potential pushback from drivers: You may find that some drivers who don’t mind having an outward facing dash cam may balk at the idea of lost privacy from an inward-facing camera—especially during off-the-clock time, such as cab sleeping and food breaks.
  • Requires a cellular subscription plan: You will have to purchase a cellular plan to handle the 4G connectivity that’s built into the camera. It would be more helpful if the camera made a Bluetooth connection to your existing smartphone to upload the video, but this is not an option.
  • Problems with night vision: Even though the FleetUp/Waylens camera has built-in infrared LEDs to provide night vision, customers report that the image quality at night is poor. You may need to park under a street light or purchase a separate infrared light to receive decent video quality.

User Reviews

A lot of features
Chad Hamilton — 03/23/21

From security to safety it does it all. im happy with my 360 device and functionality

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