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EZLogz ELD Review

Fleet management doesn’t have to be stressful. With an abundance of tools on the market to help you monitor your fleet, avoid time consuming paperwork, and make real-time adjustments. EZlogs was created to do all that. With the increased demand for ELD trucking, they knew they’d need to have a plethora of features to become one of the best. We’ll review the features drivers and fleet managers have come to count on with this product. 

How Does EZLogz ELD Work?

EZLogz ELD is an all-in-one fleet management technology with an ELD. It is a front-end and back-end technology that allows drivers and fleet managers to manage HoS, compliance, ELD IFA calculations, engine diagnostics, and more. It even has features like a point of interest map that pinpoints vital locations that come along the route – like fuel stops, weigh stations, and more. Add in the Truck Trip Planner that helps drivers pre-plan their trip, it makes the entire transportation process as headache free as possible, aside from conditions that are out of your control.


Because there are so many ELD products on the market, it’s vital to know the frequently asked questions about each to ensure you’re getting a product that is the right fit for you. Here are the most frequently asked questions about EZLogz.

How Do I Install the EZLogz ELD?

First, you need to install the EzLogz app in the Google Play Store or App Store. Then locate your EZLogz ELD device, cable, and zip ties. Locate the OBD port in your truck to ensure it has the correct pin configuration. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the port and start your vehicle's engine. Open your phone’s settings and find “Bluetooth''. It should be searching for the OBD device. Once the device shows on your smartphone connect the devices. You can then register your fleet within the EZLogz app. ]

Does the EZLogz ELD Connect to Phones?

Yes. The EZLogz ELD connects to both android and iPhones.

What All Can I Access from the EZLogz App?

Within the app, you have a fully functioning driver logbook that includes electronic signatures, automatic offline mode, violation alerts, officer inspection mode, document scans, HOS recap calculation, points of interest, mileage counters, real-time GPS, and the ability to share logs and inspections via email.

Is the EZLogz ELD Compatible With All Mandates?

Yes, unlike AOBRD, EZLogz ELD is fully compliant with CCMTA & FMCSA rules and regulations. 

Performance Factors of EZLogz ELD

Because this is an ELD review, we’ll focus on how thorough of a product this ELD is – although there are numerous other features including 24/7 support that speaks 5 languages and fleet management solutions as well. 

The ELD device is packed with features that other products don’t have including automatic updates, SIM cards, and instant data recovery. The data can be stored on the cloud to keep full raw data secure. Other ELD features include the full-functional logbook that allows you to take control of your daily log with a push of a button. Drivers can easily change their status within the app, avoid paper form errors, and add receipts to their logbooks. It will help cut downtime and headaches with this streamlined app.

Technical Specifications

Below you’ll find the technical details that will be vital to know before selecting EZLogz as your ELD.

Technical Specifications
ConnectivityPlugs into ODB Port
Display TypeDisplay on your iPhone or Android
UpdatesThrough App Store or Google Play
Phone CompatibilityWorks with both iPhone and Android
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Remote AccessYes

How Has the EZLogz ELD Improved?

While the app continually updates to fix small bugs and adjust features, the company recently added a new functionality. It integrated Ethereum Blockchain technology as a way to allow brokers and carriers to have a secure and transparent way to handle tamper transactions while keeping their ELD data secure. 

Best For 

You’ll find the EZLogz ELD a useful product if you’re looking for a logbook that fits the following criteria. 

  • Easy installation
  • First of its kind technology
  • Continual improvements
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate diagnostics
  • Support scanning
  • Tamper-proof blockchain technology 
  • Fleets of all sizes 

EZLogz ELD is Packed Full of Benefits

If you’re looking for a trusted ELD solution, you can count on EZLogz. They are continually innovating and updating to ensure that their drivers have the best experience possible. You can tell they take their product seriously by providing around-the-clock customer service and addressing issues and bugs if they arise. With features like tamper-proof data, document scanning, and point-of-interest maps, they go above and beyond.


To receive the most accurate pricing, reach out to EZLogz directly by visiting their website or phone.

Pros & Cons


If you’re still not convinced yet, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you with your decision. The EZLogz ELD boasts the following:

  • First of its kind technology with a company that continually innovates.
  • Affordability considering all the features packed into one product/platform.
  • Trusted logbook, diagnostics, and storage.
  • Rapid installation
  • 24/7 customer service in multiple languages


While most drivers have left positive reviews of the product, others have found a few faults. Consider these to determine if they’re deal breakers when it comes to your ELD solutions.

  • App constantly updating, which some drivers find frustrating
  • Takes up sizable phone memory space
  • ELD occasionally disconnects

User Reviews

The worst ELD !
STR llc — 06/15/22

Poor outsourced customer support located in Asia. Russian owned company … if you’re looking for being over charged, scams, bad devices that keeps breaking. Ezlogz is for you

Technical Specs

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