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With the FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate coming into full effect, trucking companies and owner-operators alike are looking for a reliable ELD to ensure that they are in compliance with the mandates. While there are plenty of options available, the EROAD ELD Ehubo is one of the top choices on the market.

In order to help you make the right decision for your electronic logging needs, the experts at FreightWaves have conducted an in-depth review of the EROAD ELD. We’ll answer FAQs, outline the pros and cons, and even break down the EROAD ELD cost. Read on to learn more about this versatile logging device.

How Does the EROAD ELD Work?

The EROAD ELD is an all-in-one device. It has a single cable that plugs directly into the diagnostic port of the equipped vehicle. 

The device should be plugged in while the engine is off. Once connected, turning the engine on will power up the EROAD ELD. It will automatically sync to the engine’s computer as well.

The EROAD ELD offers much more comprehensive data collection and tracking than outdated AOBRD devices. It provides a good mix of value and functions for fleets of any size.


Below, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about the EROAD ELD.


Yes, the EROAD ELD is FMCSA-compliant. It tracks all of the data that ELDs are required to track in accordance with the Department of Transportation’s electronic logging device mandate. 

The EROAD device tracks hours, mileage, IFTA-related information, and more! It also provides diagnostic information regarding the conditions and overall performance of the vehicle.

Is EROAD ELD Third-Party Verified?

Yes, the EROAD ELD is the only device that has been third-party verified up to this point. While any ELD can self-certify and request to be added to the FMCSA’s compliance list, third-party testing is not a requirement. 

However, EROAD wanted their customers to be able to buy their ELD with confidence. That is why they submitted their device to the PIT Group for independent testing.

The PIT Group subjected the EROAD device to extensive tests with real drivers and trucks. This decision to receive third-party verification demonstrates how confident EROAD is in its device’s performance. 

How Do I Change My Log on EROAD?

Unlike some other ELDs, the EROAD device comes with a 4.5-inch touchscreen that is extremely easy to use. While drivers have the option to edit logs via the app, they can also make changes directly from the touchscreen device. 

Drivers can email PDF versions of their logs to anyone. This is especially useful for owner-operators who work with a variety of different clients.

Can You Edit Drive Time on the EROAD ELD?

Yes, the EROAD ELD allows drivers to edit drive time through a software platform called Depot. This system is also extremely easy to use. It makes it possible for drivers to edit logs and assign unidentified driving time that they are required to track as part of the updated FMCSA mandate.

Does EROAD Take Care of Maintenance and Upgrades?

The EROAD ELD includes hardware warranty and tech support as part of all of the available plans. The technology can be either leased or purchased outright, depending on the user’s preference.

The EROAD ELD provides drivers with many tools, including some that can be used to track reported defects and all necessary repairs. It also monitors safety events, like harsh braking and speeding.

Does EROAD ELD Include Hardware and Software?

Yes, the EROAD ELD does include both hardware and software. The software portion of the ELD is a platform known as Depot. The hardware includes connections for the diagnostic port and a 4.5” touchscreen device. 

The best part is the usability of both the software and the hardware. The driver interface is intuitive and user-friendly, even for individuals who are not very tech-savvy. 

Performance Factors of the EROAD ELD

The EROAD ELD is easy to install, functions reliably, and utilizes satellite GPS for tracking purposes. It also has one of the best fuel tax reporting functions of any ELD on the market today. 

The device also automates several reporting features that can help you save time. The combination of its features, overall value, and user-friendly design make this ELD one of the top options on the market.

How Has the EROAD ELD Improved?

EROAD has continually refined its device’s functionality and reliability. The company is currently working on adding engine diagnostics and GPS navigation features to its ELD, but these features are not yet available. 

EROAD is also developing add-on tools, such as dash cams. These can drastically improve fleet safety and liability protection, making the EROAD ELD even more beneficial for drivers and trucking companies alike. 

Best For

The EROAD ELD is great for fleets of all sizes. The ability to purchase the device outright also makes it a good option for smaller companies and individual drivers. 

However, other devices on the market require a lower out-of-pocket investment for individual drivers. EROAD only offers three-year lease contracts for fleets of ten or more, which means that small teams will have fewer usage options. 

Meet the Electronic Logging Device Mandate with the Affordable EROAD ELD

Paired with Depot software, the EROAD device is an excellent choice for electronic logging. While there are some devices that are more affordable, and others that offer a more expansive suite of features, the EROAD ELD is a great balance between the two. 

EROAD can give your fleet all of the tools that it needs without being cost-prohibitive for your company. Plus, EROAD offers free demo options so that you can see the product in action before you commit to it. 

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When equipping larger fleets, the per truck cost is slightly lower than that.

Pros & Cons


The EROAD ELD offers numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Certified by the PIT Group
  • FMCSA-compliant
  • Smart Short Haul features built-in
  • Top-end fuel tax tracker

Additionally, the EROAD ELD can be leased for $35 per month. Per-truck service charges decrease as the number of vehicles being equipped increases as well. This presents an additional cost-saving opportunity for large organizations


There are only three notable drawbacks to the EROAD device, which are as follows:

  • The LCD screen is small.
  • There are no leasing options for fleets with fewer than ten trucks.
  • GPS tracking is not yet available

However, the EROAD equipment still provides incredible value and an array of features that make it an appealing choice for many trucking companies.

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