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ELD Chrome by Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies may not yet be a household name among ELDs, but they have quietly put together one of the most capable e-log and fleet management products on the market. Their deep understanding of the mandate, as well as their recognition of real-world hours of service challenges that arise, has led them to create some very useful log tools that we haven’t seen in any other device. 

While it may not be the simplest or the cheapest option on the market, Pedigree’s ELD Chrome solution and OneView platform offers feature that you won’t find anywhere else. And once you have seen them, you may find it hard to ever live without them. 

How Does the ELD Chrome Work?

The ELD Chrome is an easy to install electronic logging device that your company can utilize for your fleets. Once you have it connected to your vehicle you can keep track of it and easily keep accounts of your actions. 

The ELD Chrome’s tools for managing logs are easier than most. Drivers can tap on their grid to change existing log entries, or press and hold to add new status changes. When adding a past status change, the system automatically fills in the location and time to minimize tedious data entry. 

The carrier is given similar tools for making suggested edits from the back office interface. The grid style feels like a familiar paper log, complete with locations written vertically below the graph.

Pedigree ELD Chrome FAQ

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the ELD Chrome and Pedigree Technologies as a whole. 

Does the ELD Chrome Follow Mandates?

The team at Pedigree Technologies has distinguished themselves with their commitment to fully understanding the ELD mandate and meeting all of its many requirements. Every product developer in the company was required to read the entire 500-page mandate cover-to-cover. The result is a system that has some truly unique tools designed to handle some of the sticky situations caused by the new rules. 

How Do I Edit My Logs?

ELD Chrome allows drivers to re-classify driving time as personal use or yard move time, all while still complying with all mandated restrictions. The system allows the driver to go back and make a note stating that the driving time should have been classified as personal use or yard move as well. 

While this will not update the log grid due to the mandate rules, it will update the driver’s time remaining as shown by the clocks. To learn more, watch the Log Book Tutorial.

Is POV in Spanish?

POV is not currently available in Spanish, but it may be offered as a future update. But currently, a Spanish translation of the ELD Instruction booklet is available in the help center.

Can I Disable DVIR Violations?

You can disable DVIR violations. With this ELD, DVIR violations can be set up to monitor pre-trip inspection DVIRs, post-trip inspection DVIRs, both DVIRs, or neither of them. It’s up to you and what you prefer. These can be set under each driver profile, or DVIR violations can be disabled altogether using permissions.

If I Make a Change to My Dashboard, Will It Change Everyone's Dashboard?

If you make any changes to your dashboard, those changes will only affect you and your dashboard, not anyone else. 

Performance Factors of the ELD Chrome

Overall as an ELD, the ELD Chrome offers a plethora of functions that improve the overall usefulness of your device beyond being a basic logging device. There are special event status and badge icons to alert you to all sorts of things within the device and the engine of your vehicle. As far as physical factors are concerned, the tablet that functions with the ELD Chrome is easy to use and built sturdy enough to withstand constant handling. And with the tablet being easily removed from the cradle in the truck, you can quickly pass through any inspections without having to undo the mounting. 

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Resolution1,024 x 600
Display 7-inch display
Mounting TypeCradle Mount
CameraFront Camera: 2m pixel Infrared LEDBack Camera: 5m pixel camera and flashlight
BluetoothV2.1 and V4.0 with data transfer
Memory1GB DDR3
Extended StorageMicro SD Card
PowerWired Connection or Battery

How Has the ELD Chrome Set Itself Apart?

Pedigree already has pre-built integrations with major TMS providers like McLeod and TMW, and the system can be fully integrated with other software as needed. Many customers gave positive reviews of Pedigree’s tech support in everything from advanced integrations to simple driver troubleshooting. 

Feedback from users on hardware reliability was also very positive. Large customers reported very few defective units and said that any malfunctioning hardware was always replaced quickly.

Best For 

The ELD Chrome is a great option, especially for companies that are wanting all the bells and whistles and are able to put in the time to learn it.

  • Bonus features
  • In-device training

Condensing the ELD Chrome

In summary, ELD Chrome from Pedigree Technologies is one of the most full-featured and flexible ELDs on the market right now. They have some very clever HoS tools designed to make life easier for drivers and carriers. 

Those looking for a bare minimum ELD may find cheaper options, but fleets hoping to easily manage logs will find these capabilities to be very valuable. The unique features plus Pedigree’s focus on full mandate compliance and customer support make them worth a serious look for anyone seeking advantages that go well beyond basic compliance.


While the Cab-Mate One is quite affordable compared to many similar products, those looking for a bare-minimum ELD may find it a little pricey. There are essentially 3 prices that you will need to be prepared for, including the upfront cost, the monthly cost, and the total 3-year cost. When combined, it can be a bit pricey compared to competitors.

  • Up Front Cost
      • $499
  • Monthly Cost
      • $25
  • 3-Year Total Cost
    • $1,399

Pros & Cons


If you can put in the time for some basic training the ELD Chrome has a lot to offer. Once you have learned what it has to offer and how to access it, it becomes much easier to use.

  • Excellent and unique tools for logging hours of service 
  • A wide range of extra features
  • Strong dedication to customer service and mandate compliance


The ELD Chrome and the OneView platform have a wealth of great features, many of which are unique. However, there are a few potential drawbacks as well. 

  • App takes some training to get used to
  • A little pricey for those seeking bare minimum compliance
  • A few valuable features are still pending

User Reviews

Charlie Duvernay — 03/24/21

After the learning curve, This a great product with great extra features. It sports a reliable connection that gives peace of mind in situations where we use it.

Technical Specs

Coming Soon