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Coretex ELD Review

Coretex's ELD solution was designed from the ground up, making it one of the few fully integrated ELD systems available today. Coretex is the best in class for businesses in need of an integrated ELD solution with impressive features and functions.

ELDs allow for the transmission of real-time data regarding drivers and their vehicles. Individuals who operate commercial vehicles will have their driving time automatically recorded, making manual log sheets a thing of the past. 

With a real-time view of scheduled hours and delivery status for better scheduling, the Coretex ELD can help you optimize your company’s availability. The Coretex ELD is certainly one of the best ELD devices available on the market today!

How Does the Coretex ELD Work?

The Coretex ELD displays driving time while automatically monitoring vehicle movement and mileage. It can be viewed on your preferred mobile device or on a Coretex-supplied Android tablet. 

Dispatchers can easily control and organize compliance with Coretex 360 on the Coretex dashboard. You can modify business records, utilize the features in offline mode, monitor vehicles, plan vehicle maintenance, and so much more with the help of Coretex 360!

Coretex ELD FAQs

Here are some of the questions consumers have frequently asked about the functions of the Coretex ELD!

What Are the Benefits of a Coretex ELD?

Cortex's industry-leading tracking allows you to monitor your vehicles and act on real-time data. Coretex ELDs track and manage vehicle activities via on-device and in-cloud geofencing. With a driving-specific ELD, you may increase driver retention while also preventing accidents.

Does Coretex Data Help You Save Money?

WIth Coretex ELD you can better plan for routine car maintenance trips on a regular basis by utilizing data from checklists, reducing the probability of costly roadside breakdowns.

How Does Coretex ELD Work for Roadside Inspection?

With Coretex ELDs dashboard, you will always have real-time access to available hours which will help prevent infractions before they occur. Coretex ELD efficiently collects and records engine data and distance traveled.

Performance Factors of the Coretex ELD

The Coretex ELD is a device that attaches to the engine of a car to record movement hours as well as other traffic information. Coretex technologies transform the data you collect into automated business information, allowing you to enhance safety, reduce waste, and raise production capacity. 

The Coretex ELD may also be used to additionally apply specific limits based on the current location's regulations. The Coretex CoreHub sends high-definition data to the Coretex 360 cloud directly from your assets. 

Coretex can provide your company with the data it needs to flourish. The COREtex ELD is on the FMCSA's ELD approved list, meaning it’s in compliance with IFTA, FSMA, and ELD standards. 

How Has the Coretex ELD Improved?

On July 14, 2021, EROAD announced that the company signed a conditional agreement to purchase 100% of Coretex. The transaction is scheduled to close in the second half of 2022. 

Once completed, the purchase will accelerate EROAD's key growth metrics in North America and Australia by two years. It will also position EROAD as a larger competitor in the worldwide telematics industry once it encompasses Coretex as well. 

This merger is a fundamental part of EROAD’s long-term development plan. It is also expected to provide EROAD with access to new market sectors that the company had yet to venture into on its own. 

Best For

The following is a summary of the best features of the Coretex electronic logging device. Looking at these features will help you decide whether or not the Coretex ELD is suitable for your company. Understanding all of the features will make it easier for you to determine which ELD meets your standards the most.

  • Best for small fleets
  • Easy to use
  • Increases driver retention
  • Prevents driving violations
  • Excellent value for a low price 

Is the Coretex ELD Perfect for my Business?

When searching for the best ELD on the market, you’ll need to check that the product you are interested in buying can offer you all of the features that your business needs.  

The Coretex ELD is an excellent choice due to the numerous functions and features that the device offers. Coretex’s ELD provides cloud-based visualization tools as well as in-car sensor technologies among other advanced features. 

The firm has offered superior fleet management and ELD compliance solutions for the last sixteen years and counting. If you would like to learn more about different products, be sure to sign up for the FreightWaves e-newsletter!


The Coretex Drive ELD tablet costs between $200 and $350 upfront. The monthly fees start at $46 for basic features, and the costs increase from there depending on what else you’re looking for from the Coretex ELD.

Pros & Cons


  • Coretex ELD has an app. The application makes it possible for drivers to log in from their mobile device or a Coretex Android tablet.
  • The time and the distance that drivers cover during their shifts are recorded by the Coretex ELD. The device also connects to car sensors, which allows you to track and collect important data about the vehicle engine and the distance traveled.
  • In the event of a driving infraction, Coretex ELD sends out real-time notifications.
  • Coretex’s data-collecting assists them in drastically lowering costs


Although there are many various benefits to utilizing the Coretex ELD, there are also some possible complications that you may encounter with this product.

  • According to several reviews, the Coretex platform performs much more efficiently for businesses with smallers fleets of vehicles.
  • According to some customers, Coretex ELD is slower to respond to concerns and has a long response time on equipment replacement requests.
  • There have been a few isolated incidents of equipment failure.

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