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Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD Review

The new ELD mandate has made the need for fleet owners to remain compliant even more essential. Hence, you must prioritize finding the best electronic logging device (ELD) solution for your fleet as a driver or fleet manager/owner.

Undoubtedly, several ELD solutions are available; one of them is the Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD. The Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD is an electronic logging device developed to help drivers, fleet managers, transportation companies, and more effectively track drivers and fleet while enhancing their overall performance.

Continue reading to learn more about the BIT ELD, and see if it is the best choice for you and your company.

How Does the Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD Work?

The Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD is a remarkably effective and affordable ELD, popular among truck owners and drivers in the United States. This product works similarly to most ELDs: it allows users to track their vehicle’s motion automatically.

For example, BIT ELD features an “In-motion” function that can help you change status based on your actions. In essence, when driving faster than 5mph, the device changes your status to “Driving;” if stationary for 6+ minutes, it records your status as “On Duty Not Driving.” Drivers can also change their status manually with the Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD. The “In-Motion” function also allows the device to log hours.

It also includes a sensory ON/OFF Engine that detects if your engine is working or otherwise. BIT ELD is easy to install and use and ensures full compliance.

Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD FAQs

This section explores a few FAQs about the Blue Ink BIT ELD, helping you make better-informed decisions whether the BIT ELD is the best ELD solution that suits your needs.

Is the BIT ELD Registered With the FMCSA?

Yes. BIT ELD is fully registered with the FMCSA, ensuring their drivers’ full compliance, especially with the new ELD mandate, without including any features more than the fleet and driver needs.

Is There Ongoing Cost With the BIT ELD?

No. No ongoing cost is associated with using BIT ELD.

Is There a Warranty on the BIT ELD?

Yes. The BIT ELD comes with a 1-year warranty on hardware defects.

What Type of Connector Is Required To Install the BIT ELD?

In order to install the BIT ELD, you need the diagnostic port with either a 9-pin connector or 6-pin connector, one of which is in most trucks. While the 6-pin connector meets the J1587 and SAE 1708 standards for serial communications in heavy-duty vehicles, the 9-pin connector meets only the SAE J1939 standards

Will the BIT ELD Work On OBD-II ports?

No. The BIT ELD doesn’t work with vehicles with the OBD-II ports – generally, vehicles manufactured before 2008.

Does My BIT Full Service Subscription Come With Tech Support?

Yes. BIT has an in-house support team always available to help users with their technical issues. Call 304-381-1512 or email [email protected] to connect with a team member.

Will IFTA Reports and Fleet Visibility Work For Me If I Don't Have GPS Tracking On My Phone or Tablet?

No. You must have GPS tracking on your phone or tablet before IFTA reports and fleet visibility can work for you.

Performance Factors of Blue Ink BIT ELD

The Blue Ink BIT ELD is a “just perfect” solution for small fleets. Nonetheless, there are certain factors you must consider before choosing this electronic logging device solution. We have reviewed a few of these performance factors below to help you know if BIT ELD is the best for your driver and fleet.


BIT ELD features a very easy and quick installation process. You only need to plug the device into your truck’s diagnostic port and drive. You also need to connect your phone to the device via Bluetooth.

FMCSA Compliance

BIT ELD is fully compliant with FMCSA regulations for ELDs. You can access and print the driving logs at will.

ELD and HOS Compliance

The BIT ELD free plan doesn’t comply with ELD and HOS as it doesn’t include the required hardware, only the application. However, the Basic Plan and Full-Service Plan of the BIT electronic logging device are fully ELD and HOS compliant, including the most recent ELD mandate.


BIT ELD features a brilliant IFTA mileage resource that allows fleet owners and drivers to track their miles. Monitoring the miles taken is essential to set up appropriate maintenance schedules and ensure the safety of the trucks while they are on the road.

Engine Hours Logging

The BIT ELD automatically adds engine hours loggings collected to the ELD logs for the number of hours the vehicle’s engine is operating. These engine hours are automatically added whenever you turn on or off the engine.

In-Motion Status

The In-Motion feature can help you change status based on your actions, whether driving or not driving. Drivers can also change their status manually with the Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD. The “In-Motion” function also allows the device to log hours.

GPS Tracking

The GPS Tracking feature is only functional on GPS-enabled devices as the BIT ELD doesn’t have a built-in GPS function.

How Has the Blue Ink BIT ELD Improved?

Paying significantly for monthly subscriptions to keep electronic logs may limit your operation growth and overall profitability, especially if you manage a smaller fleet. The BIT ELD offers a cost-effective solution to keep electronic logs without feeling burdened with charges. With just a small upfront fee, you are good to go.

BIT ELD offers basic logging features, just perfect for a business that’s just starting out. However, as your business continues to grow, you may consider upscaling to a more comprehensive option, as the device somewhat lacks innovative features.

Best For 

Although relatively newer in the market, the BIT ELD has a growing driver network thanks to its minimal upfront cost. Below are the categories of persons that the Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD is best for the following purposes: 

  • Managers of small fleets
  • Drivers of light and medium-duty vehicles
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Basic ELD compliance at a lower cost

Is the Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD Actually Worth It?

The Blue Ink Tech ELD is an electronic logging device solution offered by Blue Ink Technologies strongly focused on light and medium-duty vehicles. It is notably easy to use, user-friendly, and ensures full FMCSA and ELD compliance.

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This fee includes the ELD device and access to the Blue Ink Tech ELD portal. Fees may apply for additional features. 

Pros & Cons


Many truckers in the US rely on BIT ELD for various reasons, including:

  • Affordability
  • Easy and quick installation
  • FMCSA compliance
  • User-friendliness
  • Quality customer service


Below are a few drawbacks of the Blue Ink BIT ELD to consider before choosing the platform:

  • Not suitable for larger fleets
  • Prevalent device sync issues
  • The free plan is limiting

User Reviews

Great ELD
Jeff Cooks — 10/19/22

This is one of the best elds out there. The US based support is a big leg up.

An ELD that works
Jeff Bridges — 04/13/21

This was the only eld that I could find that would work on my Ford f-550 and it works good.

Jonathan Gray — 03/24/21

Works well, but has pretty basic features. Easy to use. Great plus is no monthly fees. Works for our small fleet, but I couldn’t imagine it working for larger fleets.

Technical Specs

Coming Soon