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BigRoad ELD Review

For fleet owners looking for ways to incorporate electronic logging devices (ELDs) into their trucks, one solid option is BigRoad’s ELD system, known as DashLink. 

This easy-to-use ELD provides drivers with a simple, straightforward way to log their hours of service, keeping them—and your company—in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) rules.

While the BigRoad ELD lacks some of the bells and whistles you’ll find with more expensive choices, Dashlink provides a cost-effective way to track driver performance.

How Does the BigRoad ELD Work?

The BigRoad ELD is extremely user-friendly that even new users should be able to get it to work in just a matter of minutes. 

The central feature of the DashLink system is the BigRoad ELD mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. It has consistently performed as one of the highest-rated ELD apps available. 

The DashLink device itself plugs into your truck’s diagnostic port, where it transmits information back to the BigRoad ELD app using your phone’s Bluetooth connection. 

BigRoad ELD FAQs

Comparing the BigRoad ELD to other similar devices requires knowing as much as possible about the system. Here are some of the questions that pop up most frequently when people are learning about DashLink.

What Vehicles Are Supported by DashLink?

DashLink is intended for use in vehicles that are OBDII and EOBD compliant. This means that almost all vehicles on the road can be used with DashLink. 

However, if your vehicle doesn’t fall into this category, then you will not be able to use DashLink.

What Mobile Devices Can I Use with DashLink?

DashLink works by sending information to the BigRoad ELD mobile app. This app is available for both Apple and Android devices, which means that you should be able to easily connect your phone or tablet to DashLink as long as you have a working Bluetooth connection.

Is Dashlink Compliant with Current Regulations?

Yes, DashLink is registered with the FMCSA as an approved ELD device, so you won’t have to worry about whether the logs your device produces will be acceptable.

How Do I Start Using Personal Conveyance Mode?

You can activate the personal conveyance mode in the BigRoad ELD mobile app by selecting the option under the duty status. 

Be aware, that you’re responsible for making sure that you are actually using your vehicle for personal transport.

What’s the Difference Between the BigRoad Mobile App and Dashlink?

The BigRoad Mobile App is designed to help you easily track hours of service while interfering as little as possible. DashLink is the physical device that connects to your truck’s engine and transmits information to the app. 

Performance Factors of the BigRoad ELD

Choosing the right ELD system for your fleet starts with knowing how you plan to measure success. 

Here are the key factors to look at for the BigRoad ELD:

  • Accuracy for hours of service
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • User-friendliness
  • Warnings against potential violations
  • Flexibility and transferability

BigRoad ELD is focused less on building the most complex, powerful device on the market and more on building an ELD system that performs as efficiently and flawlessly as possible. That’s why customers tend to rate the app so highly—it’s stable, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

How Has the BigRoad ELD Improved?

The mobile team at BigRoad is constantly updating their app, ensuring that users have the latest, most stable, and most effective program to meet their needs. 

Recent updates have improved the diagnostics for the DashLink, helping to catch and repair issues as they arise. 

There is also more flexibility now to adjust logs during your drive. For instance, if you have submitted a log but it has not been amended, you can continue driving with the app automatically “unsigning” your log. 

Features like these continue to be added, which means that the app continues to become more useful over time. 

Best For:

Companies that are looking for a cost-effective solution to FMCSA-mandated ELD tracking devices should certainly start the process by looking at the BigRoad ELD and the DashLink device. The devices are best for:

  • New fleets
  • Drivers working with multiple companies
  • Easily transfer between vehicles
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Easy-to-use interface

The Straightforward Device that Focuses on What It Does Best

The BigRoad ELD isn’t the flashiest, fanciest, most advanced device out there, but what it does do, it does well. If you’re in the market for an affordable ELD system that places accuracy and ease of use above all else, then consider the DashLink System.

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  • Owner-operator bundle – $234 per year

There are several packages available and other bundles charge a monthly fee based on the number of users. For more information, request a quote from BigRoad.

Pros & Cons


The BigRoad ELD has a lot going for it, from a quick and easy setup to a user-friendly interface, as well as accurate reporting for hours of service logs. 

You can also find these advantages:

  • Supports both U.S. and Canadian compliance regulations
  • No hardware cost upfront
  • Affordable monthly fees
  • Easily moved between vehicles
  • Additional web dashboard available for ease of use
  • Produces clear, instant reports for DOT inspections
  • Automatic countdown for hours of service
  • Notifies drivers of potential violations


While the BigRoad ELD may be right for many customers, others may find that the system doesn’t offer some of the features that other companies provide with their ELD systems. 

Here are some of the potential shortcomings you might find with the BigRoad ELD:

  • No advanced tracking of engine performance
  • Device can be easily disabled, leading to potential violations
  • Can only be signed in on one device at a time
  • While the app is free, you have to pay a monthly fee to access information
  • Bluetooth connection can drain mobile device batteries 

User Reviews

Charle — 07/13/23

The worse app in the world , don’t ever use them.they try to charge you even if you you cancel the service and they will keep trying non stop . Omg the worse company by far .

Terrible Tech Support
Lori Unger — 03/02/23

We have had Big Road for 6 years. Their technical support was good at first. Now it is terrible.

Andre — 11/10/22

Please don’t waste your time and money with this ELD, because as soon as you have a problem. You will not be able to contact anyone nor receive a response…

The worst ever
Mega — 10/04/22

Use keep trucking big road services is terrible,they cost me fines from IFTA fuel tax,plus they don’t refund your money back of you cancel early,stop away from them they do bad business go with keep trucking

Scott — 08/25/22

All of the bad reviews are exactly right. Do not waste your time and money. Impossible to get on phone. Device is garbage. If looking for a new nightmare to waste time and money, this is the device for you.

The worst Customer service ever
Ak20 logistics — 08/08/22

We had a 5 elds with them, when our company split, we had them switch 3 elds to thr new company and kept 2 for the trucks remaining they charged the new company fir the new eld and charged me for 5 elds. And over charged even for 5, I’ve been trying to get in contact with customer service for 6 weeks I get no reply, no refund, and on top of the one eld stop working so they won’t even resolve that issue so now I have a truck down because of them losing thousands of dollars

Log book
Tedlla — 08/05/22

After you pay one-year agreement they will not talk to you anymore. Just give you case no# – only before you purchase they will talk with you. Not good.

ELD Sucks
Jethro — 07/25/22

Worst ELD ever. Everyday it does something new to violate you. Now it says unrecognized driver though it has my name signed in on it. You can’t get anyone on the phone to help. Very bad company

Worst ELD ever
Jimmy — 07/25/22

The stupid eld keeps violating me for driving hrs when I still have drive time left. I did a 7/3 split and stopped to grab food, the eld Saud I still had an hour and a half to drive but still violated me. Customer service has ignored me and won’t even call me back. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY

Awful Service and Device
Jim Brown the White Guy — 07/18/22

Both the service and performance of the eld is awful. You are ignored by everyone except tech services which cannot fix half the problems with the eld. Stay away. Do not bother with this disaster. Doesn’t deserve 1 star but you have to give something

Not very good
Tray — 05/10/22

Only use this ELD because company is cheap and forces us to use. Found out its a Mexican owned company.
Each day after I sign my certification the app “approve ” it and I go on. 2-3 days after signing, BR comes back and states I’m in violation from those days. I know I didn’t work 14 hours straight, as I work less then 11 per day. I know that I put in my milage and location. I know that I didn’t drive a truck a certain day….this list is endless. Total trash.

Poor customer service
Arthur — 02/06/22

Have “tried” using this company for a week. Van NEVER get a hold of anyone to add drivers or get technical help. What’s the use of getting a service but it doesn’t work?!

This has to be the worst
Jerry Lewis — 02/06/22

I mean the worst no one in billing answer the phone paid two invoices at once some how still only got four days on free trail which is not free if I pay close to 500 bucks for service have to email five people to get one reply I will say this don’t waste your money if you looking for customer service it is not hear run I repeat run fake phone number for billing office hours 9 to 5 no one answer the phone

Corey Taylor

Hi This is Corey from TruckX, we provide FMCSA-certified Easy to use ELD – 30 days money back guarantee – +20,000 Trusted Drivers – 24/7 Support – Only $20/Month – No Hardware & one time payment costs – No cancellation fees – No contracts – No connectivity issues. Best Regards Corey | TruckX 740-971-2994

The worst eld company
Miguel — 11/16/21

After many problems with this company, I stopped using it. I called many times to return the devices, never got answer. I spoke w one manager and said no worries. Now I am receiving invoice for renovation. I explained no longer with them 6 months ago. Now I sent the device back to Canada, it charges me $25. I email them to get a refund and now they not answer. A NIGHTMARE, the worst company ever

Libaboss express Inc

Same here...I cancel their dashcam and they still charging me

Bad Service, lots of issues,
Francisco P — 10/07/21

I have used BR for the last few years, but I am not looking for replacements, BR sold us newer units but since that swap it has been nothing but issues, their reps dont help, sometimes spending 2-3hr a day to get something fixed is too much, we have 15 trucks and its almost a full time job trying to keep up with their device’s issues, beware you sign a contract and after that many issues you cant leave them

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