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How to Get Trucking Contracts

Securing a long-term trucking contract for the first time is much easier said than done. Regardless, it’s a must for trucking companies that are just getting started. Knowing how to get trucking contracts is the foundation of a successful trucking business. To gain more insight about how to get trucking contracts, continue reading below. 

What Is a Trucking Contract? 

A trucking contract is a document that lays out the agreement between a trucking company and the customer it’s delivering goods for. It lays out important details like when deliveries are expected to be made, along with what types of goods will be hauled.

How Do Trucking Contracts Work? 

Trucking contracts work by being signed off on by all parties involved in the transaction after agreeing on specific details. Details within a trucking contract often include what items are being hauled, weight, delivery time, and other details.

6 Ways to Get Trucking Contracts

There are a variety of ways that a trucking company can secure trucking contracts. They include:

Know Your Target Clientele 

Having an accurate understanding of what your main audience is seeking is crucial for being able to land trucking contracts. That’s because owner-operators that focus their efforts correctly face less competition and greater odds of winning contracts. That’s especially the case when trucking companies focus on smaller businesses that are searching specifically for long-term providers.

Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are a highly effective choice for landing trucking contracts for trucking companies that are just getting started. That’s because the role of a freight broker is to connect truckers with shippers searching for transportation providers. This eases the burden of owner-operators because it leaves the process of searching for contracts to the experts.

Load Boards

While it isn’t the best option for the long-haul, load boards are instrumental in connecting truckers with shippers. Load boards are online matching systems that allow shippers to find carriers for loads. 

Truckers can use them as a resource to keep their trucks full. They are instrumental especially for newer trucking businesses for multiple reasons. Those reasons include that they make it easier for them to find new contracts while clearly providing necessary instructions.

Government Contracts

Although additional steps may need to be taken, the benefits of pursuing government contracts are immense. The government is in a constant process of registering contractors to meet staffing requirements. 

New trucking companies can benefit from that fact by applying to become a government contractor. Earning government contracts reduces the need to compete for other types of contracts.


Networking can be crucial for helping newer trucking companies secure their first trucking contracts. Building community with other truckers and freight brokers could lead to learning about opportunities that are typically much harder to come by.

CDL Schools

CDL schools are another great resource for connecting trucking companies with contracts. That’s because CDL schools typically go above and beyond to help their graduates secure jobs after completion of their programs. Part of that entails helping their graduates who have become owner-operators find their first trucking contracts. 

What to Consider When Looking for Trucking Contracts

There are a variety of factors that should be considered when looking for trucking contracts. Those factors include:

Understanding your contract 

There’s much more that goes into a trucking contract than sign-on bonuses. In order for a trucking business to succeed, it’s crucial to thoroughly read through the contract. Doing so will provide a full understanding of the expectations of all parties upon entering the agreement.


Something else for trucking businesses to take into consideration when it comes to trucking contracts is research. It’s crucial for trucking companies seeking trucking contracts to perform research on businesses that are nearby. An example of a good research topic could be what type of businesses in the area require truckers.


Customer satisfaction is another important aspect of landing trucking contracts. That’s because good clientele will be eager to sing the praises of carriers that do a great job. Since that’s the case, finding contracts becomes less of a priority because of the business that repeat customers provide.


Determination is one of the most crucial aspects of being an owner-operator. Since finding first trucking contracts can be so difficult, determination is a necessity.


An overlooked aspect of getting trucking contracts is location. This is an important factor to consider because location can determine hometime hours. 


Expertise is important because searching only for contracts in a specific niche can reduce the amount of competition for the contract.

The Importance of Trucking Contracts

The challenges that new trucking companies face can seem insurmountable at times. Even though that’s the case, long-term success is attainable. It all starts with securing that highly coveted first trucking contract. By employing the correct techniques, the process of finding that first trucking contract could be easier than you think!


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