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Real Trucking Verified

Join our innovative company for a bright future with excellent pay and respect for our drivers

Company Overview

Real Trucking is an innovative OTR company on the move with tremendous growth, a perfect safety score, responsive dispatchers, and reliable drivers.


Real Trucking ranks number 361 on the 2022 FreightWaves Top 500 For-Hire Carrier list.

Company Specialties

  • Dry Van
  • Intermodal Drayage

Company Info

  • Headquarters : Broadview, Ill.
  • Tractors
    • Total : 256
    • Company Owned : 0
    • Term Leased : 256
    • Trip Leased :
  • Percent of Tractors Leased :
  • Trailers : 370
  • Straight Trucks :

More Information

Company Review

Most of us have all heard of the saying, " if it's sounds to good to be true... then it's most likely not true" or even " all talk and no substance "(and no action)!! Well this trucking company, REAL TRUCKING is an EXCEPTION to this rule! I've been here a little over a month and I would DARE say this is the BEST trucking company to work for coming out of Chicago area ever ... hands down the BEST!

Driver of The Year

We are pleased to announce our first-ever Driver of the Year - Iaroslav! Iaroslav was chosen by his peers for this honor. His excellent communication, collaborative skills, and safe driving habits (no inadequate inspections or logbook violations) were noted. In addition, he takes the initiative to solve any little problem on the road that he can, including fixing trailers or bringing a trailer in need of attention to the yard rather than risk an accident. We express our gratitude to Iaroslav for his excellent work. Congratulations


“My father always tried his best to warn me away from trucking. He worked as a driver his whole life. He did not want that life for me. He encouraged me to study law and become a prosecutor. So, I became a lawyer and worked in governmental service for seven years. But I always wanted to be a driver….” Oleksandr’s story deeply resonates with all who yearn for the freedom of choice. The choices that he made have brought him a measure of freedom and contentment. “Honestly, I feel like my own boss. Yes, I work for Real and it’s their truck, but I don’t feel pressured to do something that I do not like. Here at Real, we have good relations between people. No one trying to humiliate or force you. And I understand what happens if I don’t take a load. If I refuse, both the dispatcher and the company can suffer. We all have a part to play--like one big family. “

New Drivers Health Benefits from Real

We are excited to announce that we officially partnered with The Trucking Fitness Company! We genuinely believe in their mission, and we want to do everything we can to help you live a healthier life on the road! With this partnership, Real Trucking drivers are reserved a discounted spot in their TruckFit program. For less than $3.75 / week, you will get daily 5-20 minute workouts personalized to your current fitness level that can be done in or just outside of your truck (no gym or special equipment required)

Company Review

One of the best companies, I've worked for in my driving career. They offer many benefits for the drivers. Great pay, professional staff, and the dispatchers are easy to get along with

Ranked as one of the best Class A trucking companies to work for!

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Join our innovative company for a bright future with excellent pay and respect for our drivers. Real Trucking company is on the move with tremendous growth, a perfect safety score, responsive dispatchers, and quick resolution of any driver issues