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Best Trucking Bookkeeping Services

Keeping accurate books may not be the most exciting aspect of managing your trucking business, but it’s essential to maintaining its success. So you can lessen your load, we’ve compiled a list of the best trucking bookkeeping services to make your life a little easier. From filing quarterly IFTA fuel taxes to invoicing, there is a trucking bookkeeping solution for your business. Check out these five nationwide trucking bookkeeping services to get started today. 

Quicklook: Best Trucking Bookkeeping Services

  1. Best for Customized Solutions: TranspoCFO
  2. Best for Owner-Operators: ATBS
  3. Best for QuickBooks Integration: Giersch Group
  4. Best for Large Fleets: PorteBrown
  5. Best for 24/7 Support: Flatworld Solutions

5 Best Trucking Bookkeeping Services

When compiling this list, we focused on what 5 different services would be most important to truckers when managing their books. From P&L statements to emergency bookkeeping services, one of these truck bookkeeping services will perfectly fit your needs. 


Created by a professional accounting firm in Atlanta, Georgia, TranspoCFO provides quality bookkeeping services to trucking businesses. Ideal for small transportation companies without in-house accounting, their team of accountants can take care of your accounting and tax preparation needs so you don’t have to.

Best for: Customized Solutions

Services Provided:

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivables / Payable
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Tax Planning and Filing
  • Dispatch Services

BBB Rating: Not available

Price: General bookkeeping services $29.99 a week per truck or contact for a quote.



Trusted by over 20,000 owner-operators, ATBS has been helping truck drivers manage their books and file taxes since 1998. The company’s founders began their careers in the family trucking business, eventually converting all 350 drivers of their team to owner-operators. Today, they are the largest tax and accounting firm for owner-operators, offering a variety of service packages to simplify the business side of driving. 

Best for: Owner-Operators

Services Provided: 

  • Essential Plan
    • Personalized Year-End Federal and State Tax Returns
    • Deduction Quick Check
    • Quarterly Tax Estimates
    • Secure Client Portal
    • Mobile App Document Scanning
    • Bookkeeping
    • Year-To-Date P&L Statements
    • Tax Consulting
  • Enterprise Plan (also Includes Services Above)
    • Personalizes Services For S-Corp Businesses
    • Entry Year-End Federal and State Tax Returns
    • Deduction Maximizer
    • Monthly P&L Statements
    • Unlimited Tax, Business, and Payroll Consulting
    • Bank Checking and Credit Card Statement Reconciliation 
    • Entity Formation (Additional Fee)
    • Payroll Services (Additional Fee)

BBB Rating: Not available


  • RumbleStrip Essentials $19.49 per week
  • RumbleStrip Enterprise $44.49 per week
giersch group

Giersch Group

The Giersch Group offers a 100% virtual bookkeeping service nationwide for truck drivers and independent trucking companies. They are a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor able to train your staff on the software and integrate cloud-based bookkeeping with their consulting services. Based in Milwaukee and Madison, Giersch also offers in-person consultations for Wisconsin-based trucking companies. 

Best for: QuickBooks Integration

Services Provided: 

  • Outsourced Bookkeeping Services
  • Online Accounting Software Setup And Training
  • Payroll Administration and HR Services
  • Sales and Use Tax Filing
  • Financial Reporting Including
  • Beginning And Ending Balance Sheets For The Period
  • Income and Budget Statements
  • Cash Flow Statements and Analysis
  • Business Dashboard of Financial Ratios

BBB Rating: A+

Price: Contact the Giersch Group for a quote



At PorteBrown Accountants and Advisors, they understand that transportation companies are the lifeblood of commerce and the economy. So their accountants and bookkeepers work tirelessly to offer high-quality services to trucking companies nationwide. PorteBrown also draws on 75 years of industry experience and state-of-the-art accounting technology to ensure their accounting services’ accuracy. 

Best for: Large Fleets

Services Provided: 

  • Tax Analysis, Planning, and Structuring
  • Multi-State Taxation Issues
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Benchmarking
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Cost Analysis
  • Valuation and Transition Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Business Technology Services
  • Accounting Software Implementation

BBB Rating: A+

Price: Contact PorteBrown Accountants & Advisors for a quote


FlatWorld Solutions

FlatWorld can help your trucking company achieve seamless back-end operations, specializing in accounting services for trucking and logistics clients. With around-the-clock service, they’re available to help meet your bookkeeping needs as they arise. Their services are also scalable due to their partnerships with leading Fortune 1000 companies.

Best for: 24/7 Support

Services Provided: 

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Freight and Transportation Invoicing
  • Statement Audit and Reviews
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Assets and Liabilities Management
  • General Ledger and Budgeting
  • Multi-State Taxation
  • Accounts Payables
  • Payroll Management
  • Valuation and Transition Planning

BBB Rating: A+

Price: Contact FlatWorld Solutions for a quote

Benefits of Trucking Bookkeeping Services

Trucking bookkeeping services have several benefits, such as receipt scanning, tax calculation, money management, document storage, and invoicing. 

Scan Receipts

It’s essential to keep track of purchases throughout the year in preparation for tax season. Trucking bookkeeping services that allow you to scan receipts make it even easier to track your business expenses. Having accurate records is also essential in the case of IRS audits. 

Calculate Taxes

Many bookkeeping services online help with tax preparation for truck drivers. Integrating your tax filing with your bookkeeping can save time and ensure accuracy. Bookkeeping and tax services specially designed for trucking companies also make it easy to access and complete all required tax forms for your business. 

Manage your Money

Every day, bookkeeping services help trucking companies manage their money. With automated spreadsheets, you can develop a money management plan that keeps your business on track and profitable. Bookkeeping services not only make it easier to gain a bigger picture of your financial condition but pinpoint spots where your business can cut expenses or improve revenues. For large transportation companies, a CPA for truckers may be able to offer more services.  

Access documents at any time

You might not know when you’ll need to locate important financial documents. But when you do, it’s usually time sensitive. These documents are also essential for creating profit and loss statements for your trucking company. By using trucking bookkeeping services, you can keep everything organized and accessible so you can find what you need when you need it. 

Keep Track of Upcoming Invoices

Invoicing can be daunting, but trucking companies must receive payment from their clients. With an online bookkeeping service, you can create, send, and keep track of invoices to manage your cash flow. You can also use trucking bookkeeping services for following up on account receivables to avoid chasing down clients for late payments.

Bookkeeping Services for Trucking Companies

No matter your fleet size or business needs, there is a trucking bookkeeping service to help you manage your transportation company. 


What Does a Bookkeeper Do For a Trucking Company?

Bookkeepers help trucking companies keep track of financial statements and give them a better idea of how their businesses are performing. 

Is Truck Bookkeeping Affordable?

Yes, trucking bookkeeping can be incredibly affordable, especially when you consider the potential tax deductions you could find. 

How do Truckers Handle Bookkeeping?

Most truckers use trucking bookkeeping services to handle their bookkeeping needs. 

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