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Best Semi Truck Seats

Whether you’re on the road for extended periods of time or you take frequent quick trips routinely instead, your comfort should always be considered. Constantly dealing with discomfort will take a toll on both your body and your health. 

In the long run, this can be very damaging. But why deal with discomfort when you can avoid it entirely? Start by choosing one of the best semi truck seats to ensure that you are comfortable whenever you’re on the road. 

While new seats may be ideal, used truck parts are something worth considering as well. Keep your health at the forefront of everything. Safety will follow when you’re driving with the right semi truck seat for you. 

Quicklook: Best Semi Truck Seats 

  • Best For Adjustable Comfort: Bose Ride System II 
  • Best For Long-Term Comfort: Knoedler Power Chief  
  • Best For Reducing Shock and Vibration: National Commodore Series
  • Best For Seat Upgrades and Features: Bostrom T-Series 
  • Best For Natural, Ergonomic Design and Comfort: Sears Seating Atlas II DLX
  • Best For Low-Rider Drivers: Legacy Lo Ultra Leather Seat

6 Best Semi Truck Seat Options

Life on the road already has its share of discomforts, but your chair shouldn’t be one of them. Instead, sit back and relax while you read about the six best semi truck seat options discovered by FreightWaves Ratings. 

Bose Ride System II 

Better known for their impressive speaker systems, Bose is becoming a household name in the trucking industry thanks to their incredible semi truck seats. A bumpy ride may not seem like a big deal for a quick trip, but think about being uncomfortable for hours upon hours on the road. Those small bumps eventually turn into little earthquakes. Plus, Bose designs semi truck seats with long-haul drivers in mind, offering comfort and support where you need it most. 

Best For: Adjustable Comfort 

Special Features: 

  • Three-Position Ride Control Selector
    • Soft
    • Middle
    • Firm
  • Adjustable Seat-Top Ergonomics 
  • Built-In Driver Orientation Module


  • Advanced Seat Suspension Technology 
  • Ergonomically-Designed 22-Inch Wide-Seat Cushion 
  • Adjustable Seat Recline Ranging from 5° to 26° 


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Pricing: $2,408 

Knoedler Power Chief 

Knoedler’s top-of-the-line semi truck seat, the Power Chief, is all about luxury. Even the standard seat comes packed with comfort and adjustability. With an extensive list of upgrades, it’s easy to ensure you will be comfortable whenever you are on the road. 

Best For: Long-Term Comfort 

Special Features

  • Foam Adjustment System (FAS) 
  • 4-Way Air Lumbar Support 
  • Side-Bolster Air Support System
  • Poly-Dynamic Air-Suspension System
  • 3-Position Seat Cushion Extension & Tilt


  • Ergonomic Design with 23″ Wide Seat Cushion
  • Power Electric Recline Function
  • Power Electric Fore & Aft Adjustment


  • Expensive 
  • Costly seat upgrades 

Pricing: $3,179.99 

National Commodore Series

Reducing road vibration is a major component of comfort, and National has it all figured out. Being able to stay on the road for long periods of time is made possible by constant comfort, which National continues to help drivers with, making it possible to avoid back pain, discomfort and other annoyances while you’re on the road. 

Best For: Reducing Shock and Vibration

Special Features

  • Commodore Isolating Air Suspension
  • Standard Damper
  • Extendable Cushion


  • Air Lumbar Support with Triple Air BackCycler®
  • Commodore HiPro with Six-Inch Ride Zone
  • 23-Inch Wide-Seat Cushion 


  • Additional cost for armrests 

Pricing: $1,599 

Bostrom T-Series

Bostrom’s leading seat, the T-Series, comes with a long list of add-ons, options and upgrades, which allows you to truly design the seat of your dreams for long-haul comfort. This seat is a great option for nearly any semi truck, no matter the size or shape of the cab. Personalize your seat and customize the level of comfort that you deserve. 

Best For: Seat Upgrades and Features

Special Features

  • T-Series Isolating Air Suspension
  • T-Series HiPro with 6” Ride Zone
  • Versatile with Various Upgrade and Add-on Options 


  • Standard Damper
  • Manual Lumbar Support
  • 21” Cushion Width 


  • Non-extendable cushion

Pricing: $1,185 

Sears Seating Atlas II DLX

You can relax on the road when you have the Atlas II DLX. Designed with the natural shape of the spine in mind, correctly-contoured seats can maximize your comfort when you’re on the road for long periods of time. Comfortable seats help you stay healthy, and when you’re in good shape, you can stay on the road for even longer. 

Best For: Natural, Ergonomic Design and Comfort 

Special Features

  • ComfortZone Support Structure System
  • Ergonomic 22-Inch Wide Luxury Style Seat and Back Cushion
  • ToggleLink Air Suspension


  • Optional Thermassage Heat and Massage Cushions
  • Quad-Chambered Air Lumbar Support
  • Seat Cushion Tilt and Extension


  • Optional armrests

Pricing: Between $1,340.82 and $1,438.55 

Legacy Lo UltraLeather Seat

For trucks in either Class 6 or Class 7, this is the low-rider seat you’ve been looking for all your life. Reducing the vibration when you’re on the road keeps you comfortable, and being comfortable means you’ll be able to drive. Plus, the low-profile nature of this seat’s suspension is hard to beat. 

Best For: Low-Rider Drivers 

Special Features

  • Fully reclining mid-highback or highback
  • Glide-A-Lator™ isolator
  • Low profile QUADRA-PIVOT suspension


  • 22-inch, 4-position seat cushion
  • 19-Inch width shoulder region
  • Air lumbar


  • Costs more to upgrade to longer armrests 
  • Best Class 8 applications and lower 

Pricing: $1,402.97

What To Consider With Semi Truck Seats?

While they all serve a similar purpose, not all semi trucks seats are designed the same. You should know what to consider before purchasing a new seat for your semi truck. Here are a few details worth looking at before you buy a new seat. 


Are you looking for a cushion that is soft or firm? The important thing to remember is that everyone has their own preferences. That said, generally speaking, a firm cushion is ideal for drivers making long hauls, while a softer cushion is better for shorter hauls. Whatever your preference may be, ensuring that your seat cushion can offer you the support and comfort you need most is an absolute must. 


When you’re on the road, your posture matters a lot, meaning lumbar support is a key factor to consider. Whether you prefer air lumbar support or manual, proper lumbar support will help you stay on the road for years to come. 


The height of your assembled and installed semi truck seat is critical to consider. Is your cab tall enough to support the seat while giving you the head space that you require? While it may seem simple, a seat with a platform that is either too high or too low can greatly affect your comfort as well as your safety on the road. 


It’s important to remember that semi trucks don’t always offer the smoothest ride. Even a smooth road can seem bumpy in a semi truck. In order to avoid the constant vibration, it is important to make sure there is an isolator in the base of your seat. Even minimal vibrations when you’re constantly on the road can add up quickly, subsequently affecting your body more than you think, especially over time. 

Add-Ons and Upgrades 

With the best semi truck seats, there should be no shortage of add-ons and upgrades. Looking for seats that prioritize comfort-based benefits is best. Analyze things like varying armrest lengths, heated seats, cooled cabs and various other perks when making your decision. 

Ensure Your Comfort On Any Trip 

While comfort is an obvious factor when driving for long periods of time, people often forget about the impact that discomfort can have on people’s bodies and their overall health. The best semi truck seats have been designed to minimize the damage caused to your body and provide you with the comfort you need while on the road. 

Everyone is different, and that’s why semi truck seats come with various features to ensure you can find the one that suits you best. Equip your semi truck with the right seats and more to prioritize your comfort and your safety when you are on the road.  


What’s the Most Comfortable Seat for a Semi?

The most comfortable semi truck seat is going to depend on your personal preferences, but proper lumbar support and cushions will help improve your comfort levels while on the road.

How Do You Change a Seat on a Semi Truck?

Changing your semi truck seat is quite simple when you have the proper tools. You will need to undo all of the bolts and remove your old seat. Then, replace it with your new seat by ensuring that you line up and tighten the bolts properly.

Why Do Semis Have Air Ride Seats?

Air ride seats help to reduce the negative health impacts that constant vibrations can have on your body and your health. Essentially, they provide you with a smoother ride.

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