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5 Best Intermodal Trucking Companies

If you need something to move across land and sea, you need an intermodal trucking company. Intermodal trucking companies use multiple forms of transportation to get your goods where they should be.

Quicklook: Best Intermodal Trucking Companies

Best Intermodal Trucking Companies

Though we won’t get into all of the details regarding trains, planes, and automobiles, that is the core of what an intermodal shipping company revolves around. Below we’ll list some of the best intermodal trucking companies in the United States.

Holland Entreprises Inc

Holland Enterprise

A family-owned intermodal trucking company specializing in refrigerated freight, Holland Enterprises is based in Fargo, North Dakota. Because their specialty is long-haul refrigerated freight, they make it known that all of their equipment is under 3 years old, which in the world of reefer trucks is somewhat key due to their need for maintenance and food and safety protocols.

Best For: Long-Haul Reefer Needs

Headquarters: Fargo, North Dakota

Contact Info: 

Services :

  • Long haul reefer
  • JIT delivery
  • Sells cabs and reefer trucks after three years

Employees: A fleet of 350 trucks with 230 employees

Revenue: $51.01 million 

BBB Rating: A+


  • Load tracking on website or phone support with the use of Omnitracs
  • Used to coast-to-coast loads
  • Average haul length at 1,600 miles
  • Just-in-time delivery 
  • All equipment is well-maintained and younger than three years old
  • Drivers are paid for layover and detention


  • Little to no work-life balance
  • Orientation for the company seems to be unpaid
  • 41 crashes in the last two years

Cummings Transport 

Cummings Transport 

Mixing their love of the past and the present, Cummings Transport is a company that loves the oversize hauls of large freight. Specializing in coordinating logistics solutions, this company has over 100 years of joint experience, and they’re ready for any commodity shipping loads.

Best For: Oversized Hauls

Headquarters: Bakersfield, California

Contact Info: 

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 661-910-2304

Services (this can be changed for whatever the topic is about): 

  • Hazmat
  • Foodstuffs
  • Farm equipment

Employees: 10 to 50

Revenue: $5 million 


  • Benefits program for small to medium-size businesses 
  • Save 15% to 25% on LTL shipping costs
  • Partnered with major carriers supporting all territories
  • Perfectly positioned and prepared for all oversize hauls
  • Ready for heavy hauls
  • Extended beds available


  • Only works in flatbed hauls
  • Only available in the contiguous US

GP Transco

Named the Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplaces 2021, GP Transco is a 16-year-old trucking and logistics company that puts its workers and customers first. This young intermodal trucking company has appeared in the Inc 500, Crain’s Fast 50, and more.

Best For: Company Culture 

Headquarters: Joliet, Illinois

Contact Info: 


  • Brokerage service
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Expedited services
  • 24/7 dispatch

Employees: 174

BBB Rating: A+

Revenue: $13.86 million 

Indeed rating: 3.9


  • Nearly an $80,000 base pay with full benefits
  • Drivers are not tax-liable
  • All trucks are from 2019 or forward
  • Fully modern approach to the trucking industry
  • Third highest paying carrier in the nation


  • GP Transco is still young and figuring out its footing in the industry
Gulf Winds

Gulf Winds International

Founded in 1996, Gulf Winds International is a 3PL provider specializing in drayage, transloading, and fully domestic freight services. Gulf Winds International keeps its Christian faith clear in its value statement, bringing a more family-friendly face to the intermodal trucking industry.

Best For: Container Drayage

Headquarters: Deer Park, Texas

Contact Info: 

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 713-234-1993

Services : 

  • Container drayage
  • Transloading
  • Truckload
  • Warehousing
  • Domestic transportation

Employees: 204

Revenue: $57.7 million

BBB Rating: NR

Indeed Rating: 3.1


  • Trackable shipments with gwiTrack
  • Drivers and owner-operators and show live updates with gwiMove
  • Instant access to pertinent documents like the bill of ladings


  • Heavily rooted in religion 
  • May not be some clients’ first option

Schneider National

A 3PL solution with over $3 billion in managed assets yearly, Schneider National is a full-service company for businesses, shippers, and carriers alike. With nearly 6,500 drivers who’ve never been in any incidents, Schneider keeps your goods in great hands. With a network of over 50,000 carriers, there is nothing that Schneider National can’t handle.

Best For: Intermodal Trucking 

Headquarters: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact Info: 

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (920) 592-2000

Services (this can be changed for whatever the topic is about): [what type of services do they provide? Use bullet points]

Employees: 16,050

Revenue: $5.6 billion 

BBB Rating: A-

Indeed Rating: 3.4


  • Though no current union for the company at large, there is a union for carriers, making sure their rights are protected and fair labor practices are adhered to
  • The safest of any of the companies in this list, and one of the safest in the world.
  • 190+ locations worldwide


  • If you’re looking for the personal homegrown touch of a smaller company, Schneider National is not for you.

What Is Intermodal Trucking?

Intermodal trucking is part of intermodal shipping, which is the shipment of freight by two or more modes of transportation. For instance, something that moves from a truck shipment to a plane has become intermodal, meaning, within transport its changing modes of transportation. Intermodal trucking deals with the first or last mile that a shipment has after moving by rail, sea, or air.

What To Consider With Intermodal Trucking

When choosing an intermodal shipping company, you should make sure its fleet or carriers have the type of trucks you need, and services the territories you support. Secondarily, you should make sure your intermodal trucking company has relationships with other types of transportation systems. 

In most cases, drayage or intermodal trucking happens when a shipper finds that something is more cost-effective with one mode of transportation when shipping, yet a trucker still needs to get it to or from said mode of transportation.


All intermodal trucking is OTR, the goal is to get a shipment to its next transportation destination. OTR shipping is notoriously long, and for intermodal trucking, this OTR shipment could end up being JIT, or extremely time-sensitive.

Time on the Road

Most intermodal shipments happen on a local route, which means short OTR runs between the rail or shipyards and warehouses. Because of these shorter hauls, intermodal truckers can make it home in time for dinner.

Damage in Transit

Because of the nature of shipping with rail, boat, or air, packages are generally handled with as much care as you’d find at an airport, but when shipping as a pallet, all of this is handled by the freight teams. Once freight is in the containers, no one handles it again until it’s being unloaded, so intermodal shipping is considered the safest mode of transportation.

Intermodal Trucking Can Transport Freight Safely 

Intermodal trucking is a great way for shippers to get the best bang for their buck and operators to not put too much wear and tear on their rigs. If you prefer shorter routes, and to eat at home, intermodal trucking is a perfect option for new or old truckers.


What is Intermodal Trucking?

Intermodal trucking is the drayage part of intermodal shipping, which is the shipment of freight by two or more modes of transportation.

What Transportations Modes are Used With Intermodal Shipping?

Intermodal shipping uses road, rail, air, and sea.

Is Intermodal Shipping Expensive?

Intermodal shipping is used to either cut costs, or because of necessity, so the costs vary.

Join our innovative company for a bright future with excellent pay and respect for our drivers

Real Trucking company is on the move with tremendous growth, a perfect safety score, responsive dispatchers, and quick resolution of any driver issues.

Join our innovative company for a bright future with excellent pay and respect for our drivers

Real Trucking company is on the move with tremendous growth, a perfect safety score, responsive dispatchers, and quick resolution of any driver issues.