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Best Companies To Be a Delivery Driver For 

Delivery drivers are in high demand as the supply chain continues to grapple with driver shortages. These drivers transport packages from facilities to home addresses. 

Delivery drivers can get stable jobs that provide reliable pay in both good and bad economic times. These are some of the top companies that are looking for delivery drivers.

Quicklook: Best Companies To Be a Delivery Driver For 

6 Top Companies To Be a Delivery Driver For Options

If you want to work as a delivery driver, start your job search by looking into these top companies. You can look at other companies as well, but these are some of the best choices available. 


Sysco is a wholesale restaurant food distributor that uses its networks to provide customers with fresh products and a range of ingredients. The company partners with local ranchers and farmers. Plus, the company has partnerships with food banks and other charitable causes that fight hunger.

Best For: High Pay

Employees: 58,000

BBB Rating: A+


  • Great pay
  • Job security
  • Quality work culture


  • Long workdays  
  • No work-life balance
  • Have to work on weekends


  • Low: $42,000
  • Average: $84,000
  • High: $131,000


Schneider has been providing logistics services since 1935. The family-owned business works with over 50,000 carriers and records over three billion freight miles per year.

Best For: Thorough Training

Employees: 166,000

BBB Rating: A-


  • Paid CDL training and orientation
  • Job security and relatively low turnover
  • Weekly guarantee pay


  • Long workdays
  • Heavy loads 
  • Harder to get good mileage 
  • Inconsistent loads 


  • Starts at $50,180 for your first year of driving
  • Up to $110,000 per year as an experienced driver 


Walmart is one of the most recognizable retailers on the planet. The company has over 10,000 stores across the world. The company’s customer base provides many opportunities for delivery drivers who want job security and good pay.

Best For: Job security

Employees: 2.3 million

BBB Rating: N/A


  • Work flexibility 
  • Job security 
  • No need to load your own trucks 


  • Issues with management
  • Fast-paced job 
  • Mentions of faulty equipment 


  • Low: $25,000
  • Average: $69,500
  • High: $91,000


FedEx provides transportation, e-commerce and business services. The company trains new CDL drivers with a mix of team and solo drivers. FedEx launched in 1971, and ever since, it has catered to urgent deliveries.

Best For: New Drivers

Employees: 249,000

BBB Rating: A+


  • Positive work environment
  • Great training for new drivers
  • Job security


  • Not the best choice for benefits packages 
  • Long workdays
  • Low pay rates 


  • Low: $10,000
  • Average: $49,000
  • High: $120,000

Maverick Transportation 

Maverick Transportation emerged in 1980 as trucking regulation laws made it easier for more people to start their own trucking companies. Steve Williams, the CEO of Maverick, capitalized on the opportunity. The company has served customers for over 40 years. It has a reputation of safety, technology and innovation by following The Maverick Way

Best For: Flatbed Drivers

Employees: 3,000

BBB Rating: N/A


  • Consistent stream of work options 
  • Great opportunities for flatbed and reefer drivers 
  • Ability to stay home on weekends


  • Smaller company than others 
  • Better for flatbed truck drivers than others 
  • Long workdays 


  • Low: $21,000
  • Average: $54,000
  • High: $102,000

Barr-Nunn Transportation

Barr-Nunn Transportation has a fleet of dry vans, including 550 tractors and 1,860 trailers. They ship consumer products, paper products, and other essentials. The company has 40 years of experience transporting freight to customers.

Best For: Benefits Package

Employees: 750

BBB Rating: A+


  • Great driver package
  • Regular reviews for drivers 
  • Gives pay raises and safety bonuses to drivers 
  • No routes to New York City or Canada 


  • Flies drivers home instead of having them drive  
  • Low mileage 
  • Long workdays 


  • Low: $41,000
  • Average: $82,000
  • High: $130,000

What Is a Delivery Driver?

Delivery drivers are the last leg of deliveries. They receive goods and drive them to their final destinations, such as people’s homes. Delivery drivers have additional work during the end of the year as families buy presents throughout the holiday season.

What To Consider With Delivery Driver Jobs

Many companies need new delivery drivers to address vacancies and the ongoing driver shortage. However, you don’t have to work with the first company you come across or accept the first offer you receive. Review these factors before accepting a delivery driver job.


Pay is the most important factor for most drivers. Everyone wants to get paid what they believe they are worth, and earning more money makes it easier to pay the bills. 

That said, not all companies will pay what you are worth. According to Indeed, the average pay for delivery drivers is approximately $40,000 per year. Wages vary based on experience, licenses, mileage and other factors.  


Most delivery drivers heavily consider company benefits when looking for jobs. In some cases, benefits can compensate for a lower salary, depending on the gap. 

Many drivers look for companies that offer retirement accounts, insurance coverage, respectable paid time off and various other perks. Some drivers can work with a lower salary for better benefits, but the pay is still the driving force for most drivers’ decisions.

Work Schedule

Delivery drivers have various choices with their work schedules. Some companies will require more hours while offering less flexibility. Others may also encourage drivers to work overtime and provide further compensation, while there are companies that will have you work the weekday for just eight hours per day.

Other companies may request that you do a four-day work week, averaging 10 hours per day with a shift on either Saturday or Sunday as part of your schedule. Consider your commitments outside of work and look for companies that offer work schedules that work well with those commitments.


Some delivery driver jobs don’t start with high pay rates, but they can let you climb the corporate ladder. Look for companies that offer the potential for higher earnings. Some companies may give you respectable pay right away without much room to move up and put yourself in a better position.

Job Requirements 

It’s important to review job requirements before submitting an application. Some drivers submit applications to companies even if they do not have the right qualifications. Every company has some requirements, such as minimum age limits, health standards and license requirements. Check the list of requirements before taking the next step.

Find The Right Delivery Driver Job For Your Needs

Delivery drivers provide a vital service that keeps the supply chain functioning. They deliver food, consumer goods and other staples all over the world. Looking at multiple job opportunities will help you find career paths that align with your income and lifestyle goals. You can seek inspiration from the companies on this list and expand your search to discover additional choices.


What Company Pays Delivery Drivers the Most?

Sysco pays delivery drivers well, but you can also find high paying jobs from other companies as well.

Who Is the Best Trucking Company For a New Driver?

FedEx is one of the best trucking companies for a new driver.

How Much Does Amazon Pay Owner-Operators per Load?

Amazon pays owner-operators up to $91 per hour to deliver loads.

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