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Coretex ELD

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Description & Key Features (provided by Coretex)

Coretex ELD is designed for drivers, by drivers, making it the most user-friendly ELD solution on the market today. Android-based, it incorporates a range of high-value fleet management features such as DVIR, driver messaging, and navigation. The ELD application sits inside  Coretex DRIVE, an application management framework that locks the tablet down, but also allows approved applications to be added later, making Coretex ELD a powerful and future-proof solution for fleet operators. 

For supervisors and back-office staff, ELD data is accessed via Coretex 360, a powerful cloud based application. Through Coretex 360, supervisors can edit logs/assign unidentified trips,  track vehicles/trailers in HD, schedule vehicle maintenance, review DVIRs and remotely control  reefer trailers (requires additional hardware). 

The combination of DRIVE and 360 makes Coretex ELD the most cost effective and powerful integrated solution on the market today.


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