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Product Description (from BridgeHaul)

BridgeHaul is quite possibly the best value on the ELD market given it’s price point, reliability, and full featured fleet administrator dashboard. The interface is modern, user friendly and has received very good reviews from drivers on the GooglePlay store and Apple App Store.

There is no upfront cost for the hardware when you subscribe to the annual plan for $15/mo. This price includes all features such as IFTA, DVIR, Dispatch, GPS tracking, Diagnostic Reports, Idle Time, and Payroll Tracking which is more commonly found in more expensive telematics solutions.

Setup takes about 10 minutes to invite drivers and add vehicles. The hardware just plugs into the diagnostic port of the vehicle and connects via Bluetooth the driver mobile app. Drivers can use any Android or iOS mobile device to connect and relay information in real time back to the fleet.

There are also a host of additional features not available on most other ELDs such as a truck stop locator with truck specific routing and directions. Load information can also be sent to the driver mobile app from the carrier dashboard for electronic dispatching and automated ETA calculations. Drivers are able to indicate when loads have been picked up and delivered to eliminate most work for the backoffice.

The reports section of the carrier tool allows fleet administrators to see how many miles have been driven, hours worked, and revenue generated over a period of time. The reports cover operational and financial metrics.

In short, BridgeHaul provides a modern, feature packed solution at one of the lowest price points in the market, making it hard to beat. The ease of use and functionality is significantly better than most other solutions we have encountered in the market.








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I really liked it alot!
Thomas Rudy — 03/06/21

This is probably hands down the best product I have ever worked with, ever!

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