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5 top virtual assistant companies for trucking

Back-office, administrative tasks, like answering emails, handling documentation and sorting out technical issues, can be a time-consuming distraction for truckers. 

In many cases, trucking companies and truck owner-operators would prefer focusing on their core freight transport operations instead of tending to these matters. Because trucking is so heavily regulated, though, seemingly minor paperwork oversights or missed maintenance appointments can affect your business’s success.

That’s where a transport and logistics virtual assistant comes in. A virtual web assistant can work as few or many hours as you need so you aren’t distracted from driving. Discover the best remote virtual assistants below.

Quicklook: Best virtual assistant companies for trucking 

  • Best for trucking industry expertise: MetroMax Solutions
  • Best for fleet management services: Innovative Logistics Group
  • Best for customer prospecting: Virtual World Assistants
  • Best for helpful assistants: Virtudesk
  • Best for short-term projects or one-off tasks: Fiverr

MetroMax Solutions

Best for: Trucking industry expertise

MetroMax Solutions virtual assistants (VAs) are industry experts who are skilled at handling trucking back-office work. In fact, they come prepared to share up-to-date trucking best practices to help you streamline your operations with process improvements. With flexible packages and dedicated remote resources acting as an extension of your brand, Metromax can add immediate business value. 

Special features

  • MetroMax VAs start with a prewritten standard operating procedure (SOP) document that can be customized to your specifications
  • VAs are issued a phone line and email account specific to your organization for branded customer interactions
  • Assistants provide daily and weekly production reports


  • Easy onboarding due to VAs’ existing freight industry expertise
  • Business development services available to help you attract more customers
  • VAs can handle driver monitoring activities for fleet management

Disadvantages: Basic packages assume 40 service hours per month, which may be more than needed for owner-operators or small trucking businesses.

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $420/month for 40 hours, up to $1360/month for 160 hours.

Innovative Logistics Group

Best for: Fleet management services

Offering “expert fleet management without the high cost,” Innovative Logistics Group virtual assistants are specially trained to handle larger-scale needs. The company collaborates with clients to provide solutions that are tailored toward individual requirements. Dedicated industry experts handle dispatching, load planning, documentation, and more. 

Special features

  • Wide range of additional trucking service offerings available
  • VAs collaborate with your personnel to identify best-fit solutions


  • Customized services
  • Able to handle needs of large trucking company fleets
  • Offers classes and webinars to help you optimize operations and maximize profits

Disadvantages: Requires $275 setup fee

Pricing: Weekly plans start at $250, monthly plans start at $850

Virtual World Assistants

Best for: Customer prospecting

Virtual World’s prospecting/telemarketing service offering has become their most popular package. Along with expertise in handling traditional logistics and trucking VA tasks, the company can help you expand your customer base. They specialize in appointment setting, qualifying leads, and highlighting your company’s unique selling propositions.  

Special features

  • Cold calling, social media, and marketing expertise
  • “First call resolution” approach to customer service interactions


  • Customized services
  • No sign-up fees
  • Ideal for businesses seeking to expand their customer base

Disadvantages: While the company markets services specific to the logistics industry, to a large extent they specialize in sales

Pricing: From $9.75 to $12.25 per hour


Best for: Helpful assistants

With more than 300 Google reviews, Virtudesk scores an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars from effusive customers. Clients praise their VAs’ competence, proactiveness, willingness to collaborate and general pleasantness throughout their feedback. The company’s logistics and trucking virtual administrative assistants offer niche industry support, such as dispatch services.

Special features

  • Highly praised virtual assistants
  • Wide range of capabilities
  • Productivity reporting twice a day


  • Confidence that VAs will positively reflect your brand
  • Free online guides and resources

Disadvantages: All packages require a $450 set up fee at initial signing with a three-month lock-in period

Pricing: From $9.55 to $12.30 per hour


Best for: Short-term projects or one-off tasks

If you just need one-time organizational support or help implementing a new technology, Fiverr may be your best bet. With no weekly or monthly obligation or setup fees, Fiverr freelancers offer every service imaginable at affordable rates. 

Special features

  • No weekly or monthly minimums
  • Wide range of capabilities
  • Affordable


  • Able to negotiate terms with job candidates
  • Chance to “try out” someone’s services before hiring them for longer-term support

Disadvantages: Need to find, vet, and train freelancers yourself

Pricing: Varies

What is a virtual assistant for trucking companies?

A virtual assistant for truckers is a person who provides support services to truckers or trucking companies remotely. They may work from their own home or their employer’s office.

The tasks handled by a VA can vary widely, depending on the needs of the trucker or trucking company. Here are some typical responsibilities:

  • Logistics coordination: The assistant can manage schedules, arrange pickups and deliveries, track shipments, and ensure that deliveries are made on time.
  • Communication: The assistant can serve as a point of contact between the trucker and the trucking company, dispatchers, customers, or other parties. They can handle phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication.
  • Route planning: The assistant can help plan routes, taking into account factors like distance, traffic, weather conditions, and more.
  • Compliance and paperwork: The assistant can help ensure compliance with regulations, including hours of service rules, vehicle maintenance requirements, and more. They can also manage necessary paperwork, like bills of lading, proof of delivery, and fuel receipts.
  • Administrative tasks: The assistant might handle various administrative tasks, like managing invoices and payments, handling insurance paperwork, or other duties.
  • Emergency support: In case of a breakdown or emergency, the assistant can help coordinate roadside assistance or other services.

Reduce your back-office burden with virtual assistants for trucking

If administrative work is increasingly taking you away from your core trucking business operations, a logistics VA may be the answer. Just remember to consider the specific tasks you need help with, your budget, and level of experience and expertise needed before making a final decision. 


What does a logistics virtual assistant do?

A logistics virtual assistant aids in managing and coordinating various tasks related to supply chain operations, either manually or through automated systems. These tasks can include scheduling deliveries, tracking shipments, managing inventory, handling customer queries, assisting with route planning, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

What is back office support in trucking?

It refers to the administrative and managerial tasks necessary for running a trucking business that don’t directly involve driving trucks.

Should I hire a virtual assistant for trucking?

Hiring a virtual assistant for trucking can significantly streamline your operations, allowing you to focus more on driving and less on administrative tasks. If you’re overwhelmed with paperwork, compliance management, route planning, or other back-office duties, a virtual assistant could be a valuable asset for your trucking business.

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