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Best trucking companies in Missouri

If you do a quick Google search of the phrase “trucking companies in Missouri,” you’ll receive dozens if not hundreds of results. While it’s great to have plenty of options to choose from, you may also experience information overload. To help you find the ideal prospective employer to further your career, FreightWaves cuts through the noise and identifies eight of the best Missouri trucking companies.

Quicklook: Best trucking companies in Missouri

  • Best for refrigerated trucking: LTI Trucking -Match Now
  • Best for exceptional customer service: TransLand LLC -Match Now
  • Best for intermodal trucking: Affton Trucking -Match Now
  • Best for providing clear communication: Steelman Transportation -Match Now
  • Best for safety: Christenson Transportation, Inc. -Match Now
  • Best for hazmat shipping: Waller Truck Co -Match Now
  • Best for regional distribution: Rite-Way Truck Brokers -Match Now

7 best Missouri trucking companies

You see trucks on the road all the time, loaded with goods and headed for delivery. But which companies are worth looking into? This article will show where to find the best truck-driving companies in Missouri. 

LTI Trucking

LTI Trucking offers excellent career flexibility for individuals looking to work as owner-operators or be part of their hired company fleet drivers. With a wide range of benefits including ample home time, competitive pay, and comprehensive health and wellness plans for drivers and their families, LTI Trucking stands as one of the premier refrigerated trucking companies in the state.

At LTI, drivers are provided with passenger-friendly policies that allow them to bring along their spouse or pet, creating a pleasant and enjoyable work environment. In addition to career stability, drivers can expect to earn a comfortable living while being a part of this leading trucking company in Missouri.

Best for: Refrigerated transportation 

Established: 1975

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Employees: Around 150

Carrier type: Leading in refrigerated

Services provided: Truckload carrier and full-service logistics 

Revenue: $27.68 million

Google rating: 2.7/5 stars on 78 reviews


LTI Trucking offers exceptional career flexibility and benefits for drivers. Whether as an owner-operator or company fleet driver, LTI provides ample opportunities for growth and a comfortable living. With generous home time, competitive pay, comprehensive health plans, and passenger-friendly policies, LTI is a top choice for drivers in Missouri. Experience the satisfaction of being part of a team that prioritizes excellence and provides a thriving work environment for drivers.

Best for: Exceptional customer service

Established: 1982

Location: Strafford, Missouri

Employees: 220

Carrier type: LTL

Services provided: Full truckload and logistics services for long haul, short haul and flatbed across the U.S.

Revenue: $45.17 million

Google rating: 4.2/5 stars on 87 reviews

Affton Trucking

For over 50 years, Affton Trucking has been dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, and their track record speaks for itself. Missouri truck drivers who join Affton can rely on the company’s commitment to on-time deliveries, valuable intermodal exposure, as well as attractive benefits and competitive pay. In addition, Affton Trucking fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment, where drivers are valued and their contributions are recognized, creating a fulfilling and rewarding career for those who choose to drive with Affton.

Best for: Intermodal trucking

Established: 1969

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Employees: 125

Carrier type: Truckload

Services provided: Bulk trucking, packaging and warehousing, intermodal transloading

Revenue: $20.67 million

Google rating: 4/5 stars on 42 reviews

Steelman Transportation

Since its establishment in 1991, Steelman Transportation has experienced remarkable growth through strategic acquisitions of other companies. In a significant milestone, Steelman Transportation acquired LoneStar Transportation in Fort Worth, Texas, in August 2020. This acquisition further solidified Steelman’s position in the industry and expanded its reach into the thriving Texas market.

Best for: Providing clear communication

Established: 1991

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Employees: 42

Carrier type: Truckload and brokerage services

Services provided: Specializes in transportation and logistics services across North America

Revenue: $30.34 million

Google rating: 4.4/5 stars on 51 reviews

Christenson Transportation, Inc. 

Established in 1979 as a brokerage firm, Christenson Transportation evolved into a prominent freight transport company covering all 48 states. With an impressive track record as a three-time recipient of the Truckload Carriers Safety Award, Christenson Transportation has firmly established itself as a key player among Missouri’s top trucking companies. Valuing their employees, Christenson Transportation prioritizes driver safety and promotes a supportive work environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance. Join Christenson Transportation for a rewarding career where your well-being and professional growth are valued.

Best for: Safety

Established: 1979

Location: Strafford, Missouri

Employees: 31

Carrier type: Truckload 

Services provided: Specializes in long haul, high value, time-sensitive goods like tires, pet food, paper, etc.

Revenue: $6.48 million

Google rating: 4/5 stars on 77 reviews

Waller Truck Co. 

Waller Truck is a reputable family-owned and operated dry van carrier specializing in the transportation of hazardous materials throughout the nation. With a strong focus on their Missourian truck drivers, Waller Truck is dedicated to upholding values of quality, fairness, and honesty in every aspect of their operations. By prioritizing integrity and delivering excellent service, Waller Truck has earned a trusted reputation in the industry. Join Waller Truck and be part of a company that values its drivers and upholds the highest standards in the transportation of hazardous materials.

Best for: Hazmat shipping

Established: 1965

Location: Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Employees: 225

Carrier type: Truckload and LTL 

Services provided: Shipping, shuttling, logistics and brokerage 

Revenue: $34.25 million 

Google rating: 3.6/5 stars on 86 reviews

Rite-Way Truck Brokers

With a strong presence in the industry for over 30 years, Rite-Way has consistently delivered excellent on- and off-the-road services to their customers. The experienced employees at Rite-Way take a personalized approach to each load, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, customers can take advantage of Rite-Way’s extensive transfer yard and dock storage space, facilitating efficient distribution operations. If your business requires a reliable and efficient distribution partner in the Midwest, Rite-Way Truck Brokers is well-suited to meet your needs.

Best for: Regional distribution

Established: 1984

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

Employees: 10

Carrier type: Flatbed and short dock 

Services provided: Transporting and shipping goods in the contiguous U.S. via job-site and warehouse deliveries.   

Revenue: $1.82 million

Google rating: 4.5/5 stars on 22 reviews

What to consider when choosing a trucking company

Any of these carriers could be a great fit for your career goals. However, if you have not yet obtained your CDL, you will need to attend training and pass your Missouri CDL exam first.

Not sure how to start that process? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips for getting the most out of your training sessions and find a local truck driving school near you. Once enrolled, you will be well on your way to becoming a licensed truck driver in Missouri.


How much do CDL drivers make in Missouri?

According to Indeed, truck driver salaries in Missouri range from $58,279 to $118,239. The average base salary is $83,011.

How many trucking companies are in Missouri?

Missouri is home to dozens of trucking companies. These companies include small local carriers and national organizations with hub locations throughout the U.S.

What do I need to start a trucking company in Missouri?

To start a trucking company, you’ll need a CDL and at least one truck. Then register your business with the state and obtain the proper insurance. Once you’ve established and insured your company, you can begin finding clients and accepting loads. 

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