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Best prepaid fuel card for individuals

Many fleet owners use fuel cards to help track their fleet’s spend on gas. But what about  prepaid fuel cards for individuals? If you’re a regular driver or owner of a single truck, you can also reap the rewards of prepaid business fuel cards. Check out the best prepaid gas cards listed below to find a card that will work for you.

Quicklook: Best prepaid fuel card for individuals

  • Best for rewards on non-fuel purchases: Coast
  • Best for cashback on gas: eCapital -Match Now
  • Best for ease of use: Shell Refillable Gift Card -Match Now
  • Best for small businesses: Bento for Business -Match Now
  • Best for West Coast users: Arco PumpPass -Match Now
  • Best for discounts and tax information: Porter Freight Funding -Match Now

6 best prepaid fuel cards for individuals 

Looking for the best prepaid fuel card to give as a gift? Or maybe you’re just looking to avoid overdrafting your account. The following cards are ideal for individuals. Keep in mind that some of these options require the account to be made for business and commercial use. 


coast visa card

The Coast Visa Card is a widely accepted fuel card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. It works for gas, truck maintenance and restaurant purchases. It offers rewards for gas purchases and other transactions. Coast members get special discounts for businesses like QuickBooks and Jiffy Lube. And with a comprehensive platform, it’s easier than ever to track your spending.

Best for: Rewards on non-fuel purchases

Regular APR: Not available

Fees: $2 per user every month

Rewards: $0.02 off every gallon and 1% back from every non-fuel purchase

Special features

  •  Special discounts at select businesses
  •  Spend tracking
  •  Security and controls settings


  • No personal guarantee
  • Centralizes fleet spending on one card
  • Rebates and cash back on all purchases
  • U.S.-based customer service


  • Does not publish APR range


ecapital card

eCapital offers comprehensive solutions to help truckers run their business, from load boards to freight factoring services. It also offers a fuel discount program through its fuel cards. eCapital’s fuel card is accepted at over 16,000 truck stops across North America with up to $0.20 off per gallon.

Best for: Cashback on gas

Regular APR: Not available

Fees: No annual fees

Rewards: Up to $0.20 off per gallon

Special features

  • High cash back on gas
  • $100 per day cash advance option
  • Able to calculate fuel tax


  • Manage spending and fuel with Fuel Management Platform
  • Save on gas
  • Security controls 


  • Only available for eCapital factoring customers
  • Does not list fees or APR range

Shell Refillable Gift Card

Shell gift card

The Shell card is a great option for individuals because you can refill it by logging into your account and adding funds at any time. Keep in mind there is a $25 minimum, and you can only load the card up to $300. 

Best for: Ease of use

Fees: None

Savings: None

Rewards: None

Reloadable: Yes

Special features

  • No fees


  • Easy to refill
  • Can be used for gas station items


  • No rewards
  • No protection if your card is lost or stolen
  • Can only be used at Shell stations

Bento for Business

Bento for Business

While Bento for Business is primarily built around credit and general spending for your business, it has Spend Limit Cards and Fixed Value Cards. Fixed Value cards are similar to prepaid cards as they are filled for one-time payments, though they can also be loaded with additional funds. You can create and manage your cards via the website and mobile platforms. 

Best for: Small businesses

Fees: No fees related to the card itself; account subscription fees for using Bento for Business 

Savings: None

Rewards: None

Reloadable: Yes

Special features

  • Physical and virtual cards available 


  • Extremely secure
  • Easy to manage in the app
  • No set-up fees


  • No rewards 
  • Number of cards you can create depends on your account

Arco PumpPass Gift Card

If you live along the West Coast of the U.S., then the Arco PumpPass might be the perfect option for you. You can fill it with increments of $10, with a limit of $25, though there is a $0.50 fee. 

Best for: West Coast users

Fees: $0.50 fee up to $25

Savings: None

Rewards: None

Reloadable: No

Special features: None


  • Expedient pump experience
  • Multiple cards can be ordered at a time


  • No rewards or savings
  • No loss protection
  • Only useful on the West Coast

Porter Freight Funding

Porter Fuel Card

Porter Freight Funding is a great way for you to get a discount on your gas while tracking spending for tax purposes. It has its own application that tracks how your prepaid business fuel cards are used so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your receipts. 

Best for: Discounts and tax information

Fees: Activation fees as well as small transaction fees

Savings: $0.25+ off fuel at small mom-and-pop locations, and $0.14 off of fuel at major chains

Rewards: None

Reloadable: Yes

Special features

  • App to monitor and reload cards
  • Can use factoring funds to reload card


  • Discounts at local and chain gas stations
  • Manage your fuel usage through the app
  • No monthly fees
  • Fuel advances
  • IFTA features within the app


  • $2k per truck per week cap on the card
  • Transaction fee

How does a prepaid fuel card work for individuals?

Individuals may have fewer options than small businesses when it comes to choosing a prepaid fuel card. Many options out there are only designed for commercial use, and without a business to connect the prepaid fuel card to, many card companies will not approve your account. More often than not, companies will only offer rewards and discounts through credit cards related to the company. However, some of the options listed above will offer fuel cards to individuals to help them control their spending on gas.

What to consider with a prepaid fuel card for individuals

When searching for prepaid fuel cards for individuals, it’s important to consider all the details. Here’s what you should look for in your search.


Depending on which prepaid card you use, you should expect to see different fees attached to your account every month, such as a one-time setup fee, maintenance fees or late fees. These fees might be what you’ll have to pay for each card that you have. Ensure you understand and compare all fees of the card you’re considering. The lower the fees, the more money you’ll save.

Mobile account access

An app designed specifically for your prepaid fuel card will allow you to keep tabs on the usage history of your card. You’ll be able to refill the cards directly from the app as well. These platforms and apps should be easy to use so you can track your spending. In some cases, they may help you manage your money and tax information.

Spending limits

A prepaid card is a great way to monitor how much you spend on fuel. With prepaid cards, you can only spend however much is loaded onto. Some cards also let you set spending limits so you can’t go over budget. In some cases, prepaid cards will have limits surrounding how much money can be on the card at any given time. 

Fewer fraud protections

With a prepaid fuel card, you will only be able to use it at a participating gas station. They are not like most credit cards where your information can be stolen and used to run up a bill. However, if you lose your prepaid card, there will be no safety net in terms of retrieving the funds that were on the card. This is part of the reason why there’s a limit on how much you can put on the card. That way, you won’t lose an exorbitant amount of money if your card goes missing. 

While there are risks associated with using a prepaid card, such as losing it, they can be a better option than personal debit cards. Gas stations are some of the most popular places for fraud to occur because of the number of cards used every day. But with a prepaid gas card, you’ll limit your private account’s exposure to fraud. 

Does not help credit score

A prepaid fuel card will not help you with your credit score. Since you load the funds onto the card directly from your personal accounts, there aren’t any credit checks or a need to borrow money from anyone else through loans. 

Savings and rewards

Savings and rewards vary from card to card. Some gas stations offer small discounts when you use your prepaid card, but this isn’t always guaranteed. Make sure to look into the benefits of using a specific prepaid card before making your decision and choosing the best prepaid gas card for you. 

Why should you get a prepaid fuel card?

The security advantages of using a prepaid fuel card are a huge benefit. Gas stations are a popular location for credit fraud. With a prepaid fuel card, no one can access your personal information through a prepaid fuel card. 

Some companies offer rewards programs, not necessarily for using a prepaid or gift card, but for purchasing them. You can earn rewards through some gas station apps by purchasing gift cards that you can later use to fuel your vehicle.

Prepaid fuel cards are also a great way to manage your spending on gas to ensure you don’t go over budget. Many prepaid cards will come with online platforms that help you keep track of your spending so that you can spend wisely.

Track spending and save money

Prepaid fuel cards enable you to track your spending on gas while also having the potential to get cashback or earn rewards. Plus, they protect you from credit fraud, which is a common occurrence at gas stations. Sign up or purchase a prepaid fuel card for individuals today to start keeping better track of your spending.


Can you buy prepaid cards at gas stations?

Some gas stations offer prepaid cards at their locations.

Can you buy prepaid fuel cards online?

Many prepaid fuel cards can be purchased online. They can also be reloaded online through the card management platform.

Are prepaid fuel cards reloadable?

Prepaid fuel cards are reloadable. You can add funds to them through the online portal.

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