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What Is the Best iPhone Dash Cam App?

One of the best alternatives to a costly hardware dashboard camera is an iPhone dash cam app. There are hundreds of options for dash cam apps on the marketplace, so it’s crucial to gather the insights necessary in choosing one that works. 

Given how many factors there are to consider when selecting an iPhone dash cam app, it’s understandable to get overwhelmed when deciding on which one to move forward with. Below you’ll find the five best iPhone dash cam apps on the market, along with the details that separate them from the pack.

Quicklook: Best Dash Cam Apps for iPhone

  • Best For Recording Activity: CamOnRoad
  • Best For Travel Timestamps: CamCarDer
  • Best For Maintaining Safe Driving Habits: Nexar AI Dash Cam
  • Best For Incognito Camera: Smart Dash Cam
  • Best For Safe Driving: Dash Cam & Roadside

5 Best Dash Cam Apps for iPhone 

The five best dash cam apps have gone above and beyond to display to users why they’re superior to their competition on the ios store. Keep reading to find out what they are along with the features they bring to the table. 

CamOnRoad Car Video Recorder

The CamOnRoad Car Video Recorder is a free iPhone dash cam app that transforms a smartphone into a high-tech dashcam using augmented reality. It provides users with two GB of free cloud space at no cost to users, too. This particular iPhone dash cam app also provides users with the option to store road videos directly on their smartphone.

Best For: Recording Driving Activity


User Rating: 3.9 

Special Features

  • Speedcam detection alert 
  • No ads
  • Three hours of on-road video
  • Discreet enough to use as a car spy cam 


  • Helps improve road safety
  • Great to have in case of inaccurate speeding tickets or traffic accidents
  • Serves as an easy-to-use navigation device
  • Uses minimal internal storage


  • Must provide email and contact information before recording
  • Difficulty converting the app from the metric to the U.S. customary system  
  • No way to record in the background when using other apps
  • Minimal details about the app’s update history

Pricing: Free


CamCarDer prides itself on serving as an all-in-one high-quality GPS and dash cam. This iPhone dash cam app eliminates the need for a traditional navigation app or a costly dashboard camera. Given the features this iPhone dash cam app provides its users with, there are no limits on what it could capture.

Best For: Track Driving Timestamps


User Rating: 4.1 

Special Features

  • Turn-by-turn navigation assistance
  • Photo snapshots while recording video
  • Option to mark clips as “protected” to help save them from deletion
  • Ability to dim screen to reduce power consumption


  • Save battery usage with power consumption setting
  • Keep track of when clips with playback time stamps
  • Avoid speeding tickets with exceeding speed limits notificationS
  • Easily share recorded accidents with insurance companies


  • lack of customization
  • Unfriendly user-interface
  • Requires location sharing with the app at all times 
  • Slow export times

Pricing: $3.99

Nexar AI Dash Cam

The Nexar AI Dash Cam is an iPhone dash cam app created with driver safety as the top priority. This particular app uses its capabilities to connect its users to one another, which creates a community of drivers committed to safety. That’s just one of the many aspects of the Nexar AI Dash Cam app that sets it apart from its competitors.

Best For: Maintaining and Tracking Safe Driving Practices


User Rating: 4.4

Special Features

  • Ability to detect and log events like sharp turns and hard breaks
  • Automatic app storage for insurance claims or accident cases in court
  • Works in the background 
  • Allows users to use another app while recording if necessary
  • AI that detects collisions a driver encounters on the road 


  • Won’t drain your data as fast as other iPhone dash cam apps
  • Videos automatically uploaded to the Nexar cloud
  • Easily trim and share driving clips
  • 24/7 support via email or in-app chat


  • Using the app to its full capabilities could entail more costs.
  • App uses too much battery
  • Updates may lead to a decline in performance
  • Reports of random bugs and crashes


  • Monthly: $8.99
  • Six months: $53.00 
  • Annual subscription: $79.99 

Smart Dash Cam

This iPhone dash cam app serves as a self-proclaimed silent witness for its users. After learning more about its strengths and weaknesses, this name is fitting. The Smart Dash Cam differentiates itself in several key ways that are hard for its competitors to beat.

Best For: Incognito Camera Recording


User Rating: 4.4

Special Features:

  • Store recorded videos within the app or share to cloud apps of your choice  
  • Play music in the background of their recording
  • Customized frame rate
  • Share videos via email


  • Flexible storage options for recordings
  • Easy management of recordings 
  • Seamless communication with users 
  • Displays time, speed, and map on video 
  • Quality, high-resolution recording in 720 and 480 HD


  • Reported cases of phone overheating while using the app
  • Reported bugs with the GPS functionality of the app
  • App drains phone battery
  • Camera doesn’t always pick up audio

Pricing: Free

Driver: Dash Cam & Roadside

The primary goal of this iPhone dash cam app is to help drivers protect themselves by converting their smartphone into a dash cam. This goal stems from their primary belief that every driver has a right to protect themselves while on the road. This iPhone dash cam app started out as a resource for safe drivers and evolved into a platform for safe drivers. 

Best For: Safe Driving Tool


User Rating: 4.7

Special Features:

  • Record external and internal video at the same time
  • Users determine how long they’d like to keep their videos saved
  • Free roadside assistance after five hours of driving
  • Easily share videos from an Iphone directly onto social media channels


  • No recording limits for users
  • Recording a trip is as simple as opening the app
  • Forward collision warnings and audio alerts when approaching cars
  • Automatically embedded location, time, and speed data on each video file


  • Reports of the app getting stuck in the loading screen
  • App loses videos while in navigation mode
  • User difficulties regarding editing videos after saving them directly onto a device
  • May fail to continue recording after switching to another app

Pricing: Free

Selection Criteria

Given how many iPhone dash cam apps there are on the marketplace, finding the best ones can be difficult. Our criteria consists of apps that have an average star rating of at least 3.5 with no less than 25 reviews, all of which were written by real people. 

What is a Dash Cam App?

An iPhone dash cam app is a program users can download that allows them to record activity on the road while they’re driving. After downloading the app, simply mount the smartphone onto the dashboard of your vehicle so that the dash cam can start tracking your surroundings. 

How Does a Dash Cam App for iPhone Work?

A dash cam for iPhone works by choosing an app and attaching your phone to your dashboard. That way, the dash cam app can track where you are going, how fast you’re driving, and how close you are to other objects or vehicles on the road. A dash cam app for iPhones can be a crucial asset in the event that a driver gets into an accident. 

What to Consider With an iPhone Dash Cam App

Since there are so many iPhone dash cam apps to choose from, it’s important to have the right criteria for choosing one. Some things to consider include the following! 

App Store Downloads

Check to see how many people have downloaded the app. If there are a lot of app downloads, it’s likely that the iPhone dash cam app is reliable and useful. 

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews offer insight into how users who’ve used the app feel about it. A high-star rating and good reviews are often positive indicators of a highly functional iPhone dash cam app.

Special Features

Special features include certain functionalities of an app that are hard to find. Typically, they’re features memorable enough for users to keep coming back to the app and that set the particular app apart from its competitors. 

Ease of Use

Ease of use refers to how simple the app is for users to use. If the app has a complicated user interface, then it likely won’t be as easy to use as other alternatives on the marketplace.

Storage Options

Storage options typically range from a selection of cloud-based apps, like Google Drive or Dropbox. If cloud-based storage isn’t available, the alternative would be your phone’s hard drive.

Minimal Advertisements

Minimal advertisements means that the app likely earns revenue based on subscription fees. If an app relies on ads for funding, then it’s more likely that the user experience of the app will suffer because of all the ads popping up. 

Best Practices for Choosing Driving Apps

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Can I use my old iPhone as a dash cam?

You might be able to use your old iPhone as a dash cam, though it depends on what version your phone is and which iPhone dash cam app you use.

How do I turn my iPhone into a dash cam?

You can use your iPhone as a dash cam by downloading an iPhone dash cam app and placing your phone onto the dashboard of your vehicle.

Is there a dash cam app for iPhone?

There are multiple dash cam apps for iPhones, like CamOnRoad, which has no ads and is capable of recording up to three hours of on-road video.

Azuga Fleet Dashcams and GPS Tracking Software

Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims. 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.

Azuga Fleet Dashcams and GPS Tracking Software

Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims. 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.