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Best fuel cards for owner-operators

Selecting a fuel card can be daunting. With such an extensive list of options, how do you know which one is best for your company? Fuel cards for owner-operators can come with a number of benefits and savings opportunities, not to mention the management and tracking tools many offer. As an owner-operator, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities to manage. 

Finding ways to save where you can is key. Let the right fuel card help you run a more efficient operation at the same time.

Quicklook: best fuel cards for owner-operators

  • Best for smaller fleets: Fuelman Deep Saver Card
  • Best for lowering overall fuel costs: AtoB
  • Best for minimal fuel card fees: Shell Fleet Plus Card -Match Now
  • Best for prepaid fuel cards: Shell Refillable Card -Match Now
  • Best for medium and large fleets: BP Business Solutions Mastercard -Match Now
  • Best for nationwide coverage: WEX CrossRoads Freight Card -Match Now
  • Best for fuel card customization: ExxonMobil BusinessPro Card -Match Now
  • Best for discounts: RTS Fuel Card -Match Now
  • Best for fleet efficiency: Comdata Card -Match Now

9 best fuel cards options for owner-operators

Learn about the benefits some of the best fuel cards for owner-operators have to offer your operation today. Make use of these cards to let the savings begin. Fuel cards for truckers are nothing new, but the features continue to evolve. 

Fuelman Deep Saver Card – Premium Package 

The Fuelman Deep Saver Card is incredible. Regular and plus packages are also available at different price points with varying rewards and benefits. 

Best for: Smaller fleets


Rewards options: 

  • Eight-cent-per-gallon diesel rebate
  • Five-cent-per-gallon unleaded rebate
  • Two points per eligible gallon
  • $100 annual loyalty bonus

Discounts available: N/A

Add authorized users: Yes. 

Special features

  • More than 50,000 stations nationwide
  • Maintenance management and payment program
  • Customizable dashboard and data reports
  • Real-time fraud monitoring
  • Fraud-loss coverage of up to $25,000 per year


A no-hidden-fee platform in the fuel card space, AtoB touts itself as Stripe for Transportation. AtoB fuel cards don’t need to be used in-network, and are taken anywhere that accepts Visa. With its built-in security suite, cards can be given caps, tracked and monitored, while also segmenting purchases for your tax write-offs. AtoB also regularly reports to Experian, which can help your company build credit.

Best for: Lowering overall fuel costs. AtoB customers save on average 43¢ per gallon.

Fees: No out-of-network fees. A late fee of 3% of the overdue balance is automatically charged if it occurs.

Rewards options: Discounts on repairs, tires, vehicle washes and more

Discounts available: Savings average 10 to 25 cents per gallon

Add authorized users: Fully manageable with AtoB admin portal

Special features: 

  • App to find discounts along routes
  • Exclusive discounts on fuel
  • Integrates with management software and telematics
  • Automated payroll with instant transfers 
  • Business credit bureau reporting


  • Telematics integration to validate every purchase in real time
  • Universally accepted Visa-backed card
  • Secure Card Unlock through the AtoB Driver App to ensure cards are only used by authorized drivers
  • Optimal Station Selection to enforce drivers to fuel at the most affordable stations
  • Fleet-management tools
  • 24/7 support

Disadvantages: Net-seven terms

Shell Refillable Card 

While Shell’s Refillable Card may not boast any rebate options, it offers the invaluable perk of convenience. You can pay the cash price at most gas stations while avoiding the hassle of handling or carrying cash. You’ll be able to easily manage your spending online and have knowledge of how much is on your card at all times. 

Best for: Prepaid fuel card 

Fees: No dormancy fees

Rewards options: N/A

Discounts available: Avoid credit card charges. You’ll generally pay the cash price with your pin-enabled card. 

Add authorized users: No. 

Special features

  • Instantly load up to $300
  • Instant access 
  • Easy to control and manage spending
  • Speedy payment at the pump


  • Can be refilled online 
  • Can be used at Shell stations in all 50 states 
  • More than 14,000 Locations Nationwide
  • No expiration dates 
  • Track usage and spending online 


  • Like cash
  • No access if lost or stolen
  • No rebates available
  • Basic account management

Shell Fleet Plus Card 

The Shell Fleet Plus Card is a leading fuel card for owner-operators. With no monthly or annual fees, you’ll have less overhead to worry about while on the road. With the possibility to earn rebates of up to 6 cents per gallon, as well as the perk of vehicle maintenance discounts, this card is an appealing option. 

Best for: Minimal fuel card fees

Fees: No monthly or annual fees

  • Replacement cards: $2 or $3 for chip-enabled cards
  • Reproduce reports: $25 per request
  • General research fee: $15 per hour
  • Returned payment fee: $50 
  • Reactivation fee: $50 
  • Paper delivery fee: $10 per month 
  • Late fee: $75 or 6.99% of total outstanding balance 

Rewards options: Rebates can be upwards of 6 cents per gallon. This will vary depending on the number of gallons purchased during each billing cycle. 

  • $0.00 for 0-299.99 gallons 
  • $0.03 for 300-3,499.99 gallons
  • $0.04 for 3,500-7,999.99 gallons
  • $0.05 for 8,000-9,999.99 gallons
  • $0.06 for 10,000 or more gallons 

Discounts available: 15% discount at select Jiffy Lube locations for oil changes and other preventative maintenance services

Add authorized users: Yes, authorized users can be added to your initial application by phone or by logging in to your online banking 

Special features

  • Built-in reports with fuel activity details 
  • Easy to manage cards online or via the mobile app
  • Accepted at more than 14,000 Shell Stations and Jiffy Lube locations nationwide 
  • U.S.-based customer service available 24/7 every day


  • Real-time account availability 
  • Ability to cancel lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Purchase controls 
  • App includes station finder 


  • Rebates are ideal for fuel purchases in large quantities
  • Station coverage in 47 states, excluding Montana, Hawaii and Alaska 

BP Business Solutions Mastercard 

If your fleet is always purchasing large amounts of fuel, then the BP Business Solutions Mastercard may be the best fuel card option for you. With rebates of up to 7 cents per gallon, the savings can add up quickly. With trusted security measures in place, you can have the peace of mind you deserve. 

Best for: Medium and large fleets 


  • Membership/account fee:
    • $10 per month
    • Waived each month if more than 5,000 gallons isi purchased
  • High credit-risk fee
    • Up to 2% of credit or spend limit per billing cycle
  • Out-of-network fee
    • Up to $2 per transaction at locations other than BP and Amoco
  • Paper report ree
    • Up to $15 per month per account 
    • Online reports available at no cost
  • Tax-exempt reporting fee
    • 1% of the invoice amount (certain exceptions may apply) 
  • International acceptance fee
    • Up to 1.1% of purchase amount 
  • Late-payment fee
    • Varies between standard accounts and high-credit-risk accounts 
    • Standard: $75 or 7.25% 
    • High-risk credit: 12.25% 
  • Varying check fees may apply depending on payment options 
  • Returned payment fee
    • $50 per occurrence 
  • Expedited card delivery
    • Varies 
    • Based on need 

Rewards options: Rebates can be upward of seven cents per gallon, depending on the purchase volume. 

  • $0.00 for 0-299.99 gallons 
  • $0.03 for 300-2,999.99 gallons
  • $0.04 for 3,000-4,999.99 gallons
  • $0.05 for 5,000-9,999.99 gallons
  • $0.07 for 10,000 gallons or more

Discounts available: N/A 

Add authorized users: Yes 

Special features

  • Accepted at gas stations that accept Mastercard
  • Customizable reports by driver, vehicle, MPG, and exceptions are available
  • Easy to monitor daily and/or after-hours use 
  • 24/7 account access and management 


  • Can be used to pay for vehicle maintenance services
  • Card prompts to avoid fraudulent use
  • Requires driver ID and odometer reading for each purchase


  •  Rebates only for fuel purchases at BP and Amoco stations
  •  No app for finding gas stations 

ExxonMobil Business Pro Card

If you like the option of carrying a balance or having a revolving balance, the ExxonMobile Business Pro Card is calling your name. With flexible payment options and the ability to extend your network if necessary, you can make sure this card will work for your fleet in the ways you need it to. 

Best for: Fuel card customization


  • Monthly card fee: $2 
  • One-time card set-up fee: $40

Rewards options: 

  • Rebates up to six cents per gallon
    • Valid at select Exxon/Mobil stations only
    • $0.01 for 0-500 gallons 
    • $0.03 for 500-3,999 gallons
    • $0.04 for 4,000-6,999 gallons
    • $0.05 for 7,000-9,999 gallons
    • $0.06 for 10,000-plus gallons 
  • Earn additional points with Exxon Mobil Rewards+

Discounts available: N/A

Add authorized users: Yes

Special features

  • More than 12,000 locations nationwide 
  • Extended network coverage is available
  • Automatic accounting
  • Flexible payment options


  • 24/7 customer support 365 days a year 
  • Mobile app for payments and more 
  • GPS tracking option


  • Additional fees apply 
  • Lacks nationwide station coverage 

WEX CrossRoads Freight Card 

Accepted at a growing number of gas stations and truck stops throughout the country, the coverage of the WEX CrossRoads Freight Card is unmatched. With a large discount network, you can find the savings and make this card work for your fleet, no matter the size. 

Best for: Nationwide coverage 

Fees: Unavailable publicly 

Rewards options: Rebates of up to 15 cents per gallon at more than 3,400 locations

Discounts available: Discounts on tires, wireless plans, office supplies and more 

Add authorized users: Yes 

Special features

  • Accepted at more than 16,000 truck stops nationwide 
  • Accepted at more than 95% of gas stations nationwide 
  • Transaction consolidation


  • 24/7 customer service support based in the U.S. 
  • Customizable purchase limit settings are available
  • Daily savings reports 
  • Station finder app


  • Disappointing customer service 
  • Fees Not Available to The Public


  • 24/7 priority customer service 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance 
  • Up to 20% savings on maintenance 
  • Late-payment forgiveness up to two times per year


  • Costly monthly fees
  • Additional fees when using out-of-network stations
  • Coverage lacking in certain parts of the country

Comdata Card

With enhanced analytical tools, enhancing your fleet is easy with the Comdata Card. Save time and money when you use the tools the app has to offer. Per-gallon savings are appealing, but the hefty discount on tires and retreading is incredible. 

Best for: Fleet efficiency


  • $5 monthly fee per card
  • One-time account set-up fee of $50 
  • Additional fees apply for the following:
    • Late payments
    • High credit 
    • Credit risks
    • Additional optional services 

Rewards options: 

  • Cash price payments 
  • 10 cents off per gallon at Pilot Flying J
  • Eight cents off per gallon at Love’s
  • Up to 25 cents off per gallon at TA Petro 

Discounts available: 

  • Up to 65% savings on tires
  • Retreads at more than 3,000 locations

Add authorized users: Yes 

Special features:

  • Enterprise credit line available
  • Analytical tools for both drivers and fleets
  • Mobile control with Fleetadvance app
  • Accepted at more than 8,000 locations


  • Flexible payment options
  • Easy-to-find mobile fueling vendors for fuel-delivery services 
  • Time-saving app features and tools 


  • Potential for monthly cost to add up per card
  • Limits on applicable locations 

RTS Fuel Card 

Looking for discounts? The RTS Fuel Card is for you. While locations may be minimal, the discounts are anything but that. With flexible payment options and credit lines available, this card remains an appealing option for truckers using Pilot Flying J locations. 

Best for: Discounts


  • No annual fees
  • No contract required
  • Additional fees may apply 

Rewards options: Rebates of up to 25 cents per gallon are available at more than 1,800 participating locations. 

Discounts available: 

  • Point-of-sale discounts are available at more than 750 Pilot Flying J locations
  • Discounts on tires, preventative maintenance and more at over 90 locations

Add authorized users: Yes 

Special features

  • $2,500 line of credit per truck each week 
  • Flexible payment options
  • Integrates with Protransport fleet-management software


  • Mobile app available 
  • Can be used to find the lowest fuel prices, parking and more en route 
  • Fuel-tax software discounts of up to 35%


  • Much smaller network 
  • Lacking card-use control 

5 fuel card perks to look for 

Owner-operators can run their operations efficiently and without any hassles when they have the right fuel cards backing them. When you know about the perks that matter and what to look for when comparing fuel cards for owner-operators, you’ll be able to find the option that makes the most sense to you. 

Interest rates

Are you looking to carry a balance on your fuel card? Then you should pay attention to the interest rates. While intro annual percentage rates (APRs) may be appealing, what does the long haul look like? 

The best fuel cards for owner-operators will come with varying rates, and while they can help immensely with savings, they can also be a major additional cost. Knowing which rates you’re agreeing to before committing to a card is key. 

Credit limits

The credit limit for your company matters. How much coverage do you and your drivers need? 

As an owner-operator, you have to ensure your credit limit will cover your entire operational team. Don’t hinder your drivers when they’re on the road. Keep fueling up and driving a breeze with a credit limit that works for everyone. 

Mobile apps

Tracking fuel usage and spending habits generally don’t require the old-fashioned approach of using pen and paper anymore. You can simplify your accounting, budgeting and more with the right apps. 

They will assist you as you track and record the data or create the reports you need to make. With mobile apps, you can understand how your fuel card is performing while making it easy to find gas stations, truck stops, parking and more. 

Bookkeeping and financial tracking

As an owner-operator, you already understand that it can be costly to operate a trucking company. When spending is limited, finding the best fuel cards for owner-operators with the right accounting and tracking features is a must. 

Many of the best fuel cards come with user-friendly apps that allow you to use the features you need with ease. You should be able to track the cost per mile, pay attention to overall spending, compare fuel costs at varying locations and tend to all of your other necessary tasks. Look for opportunities to save anywhere and everywhere. 


The locations where your fuel card will be accepted are incredibly important. While you may see great savings for in-network locations, you could also be paying hefty additional fees for out-of-network locations. Be sure to research the accepted locations before committing to one of the best fuel cards for owner-operators. 

How fuel cards for owner operators help with cash flow

Fuel cards can enhance cash flow for owner-operators in several ways:

  1. Expense consolidation: By using fuel cards, all fuel-related expenses are on one bill, making tracking easier.
  2. Volume discounts: Some fuel cards offer discounts at certain fuel stations, saving money on every gallon.
  3. Detailed reporting: Fuel cards offer reports on spending, making budgeting and financial planning more precise and efficient.
  4. Unauthorized spending control: By setting limits and controls on the fuel cards, you can prevent misuse and unexpected expenses.
  5. Credit terms: Some fuel card programs offer credit, allowing more time to pay, which can help with cash flow management.
  6. Integration with accounting software: Many fuel cards can integrate with accounting systems, reducing administrative time and improving accuracy.
  7. Tax benefits: Fuel cards often track IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) requirements, making tax reporting easier and potentially saving on taxes.
  8. Global acceptance: Fuel cards can be used internationally, providing flexibility for cross-border operations and consolidating various currency expenditures.

By combining these factors, owner-operators can streamline their financial processes and have a more predictable and positive cash flow.

Improve your cash flow while enjoying savings today

Running a trucking operation is no easy feat and can be very expensive. The best fuel cards for owner-operators will help you improve your cash flow while saving money where you can. 

Fleet fuel cards exist to help you in many ways, and they can come packed with varying benefits and numerous discounts. Comparing what each one offers can help you maximize your savings while reducing hassles for your company, both on and off the road. 


Do truckers get fuel discounts?

With no shortage of fuel cards available from varying companies, truckers can get fuel rebates and discounts all over the country.

Is it worth getting a fuel card?

Both the savings and the convenience that fuel cards have to offer can make them worthwhile for owner-operators. Managing your fuel use and spending can be effortless with the best fuel cards for owner-operators.

How do I use a fuel card?

When approved, you can use your fuel card just as you would with any credit card at the pump.

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