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Best free load boards for truck drivers

The best free load boards are a valuable resource for truckers of all experience. Using free load boards can save you time and make money when securing the ideal loads for you. Booking with reputable companies doesn’t have to be a question any longer as you can generally review companies before you book a load with them. Whether you are a new trucker looking to make connections or you are looking to expand your load capacity, the right free load boards can help.

Quicklook: Best Free Load Board

  • Best For Company Longevity: Freight Finder
  • Best For Free For Everyone: Nextload
  • Best For Global Shipping Network: DSSLN
  • Best For Added Tools: Trulos
  • Best For Real Time Alerts: Free Freight Search

5 Best Free Load Boards Options

The best free load boards are available to owner operators and offer the convenience and simplicity the industry demands. While there are notable load boards that come with a subscription or other costs, these free load boards can remove the exhausting hours spent trying to find a load. Consider these free load boards to help get you on the road quickly all while minimizing excess costs. 

freight finder logo

Freight Finder

Since 1998, FreightFinder has been helping owner operators find the truckloads they need for free. They were the first in the industry to offer a free load board, and to this day, they remain a free service. Within their platform, you can search for truck loads based on type, equipment, city, and state. While basic in design, Freight Finder allows you to post and search for trucking jobs and utilize their extensive industry directory. 

Best For: Company Longevity

Special Features

  • First Platform of its Kind
  • Simple to Use Website
  • Extensive Industry Directory
  • Free Mileage and Routing Information is Included when Searching


  • First Load Board on the Market
  • Fast and Free 
  • Real Time Search
  • Multiple Types of Equipment to Choose From
  • Nationwide


  • No 24/7 Support is Offered
  • Basic Website 
  • No app available 


Nextload is a free load board option for carriers, brokers, trucking companies, and shippers alike. Established in 2014, according to Nextload reviews, it’s easy to create an account and start exploring loads in your area at no cost. With its filter and notification system carriers can set alerts for new loads that match their criteria. A feature that makes them one of the best free load boards is the ability to save an average of 42 cents per gallon on fuel with the Apex TCS fuel card. 

Best For: Free for Everyone

Special Features

  • Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop Compatible
  • Notifications for Loads Matching Your Criteria
  • Access to Fuel Discounts and Fuel Finder Available with the Apex Tcs Fuel Card


  • Easy to use Platform
  • Loads Refresh in near Real-Time with No Additional Charge 
  • Great Tool for Carriers, Trucking Companies, and Shippers
  • Consistent Updates to Remove Old Loads from Board


  • Trucker Interest Makes Loads Highly Competitive 
  • Not All Equipment Options are Available 


The Discount Shipping Storage and Logistics Network (DSSLN) is a comprehensive database of supply chain and logistics companies worldwide. They allow truckers the opportunity to search their website for truckload and LTL loads at no cost. As a free load board, they don’t offer many features, but they are a great database of companies in the industry. 

Best For: Global Shipping Network

Special Features

  • Worldwide Database of Companies
  • Registered List of Service Providers


  • Search Engine is Easy to Read
  • Large Quantity of Loads Posted Daily 


  • Website Not Very User Friendly
  • Not Many Available Features 
  • Newer to the Industry, Founded in 2020
  • Only Sort Loads by Date (No Option to Search via Equipment Type or Location)


If you are a flatbed, LTL, or truckload driver, Trulos has a completely free truck load board option for you. Their platform has one of the fastest search processes out there, making it easier than ever to find loads. Trulos offers tools like freight forecasting, IFTA mileage calculators, search versatility, and more. The only major downfall is that they are free thanks to advertisements placed on their website, this can cause frustration for users and extensive scrolling when accessing aspects of their website. 

Best For: Added Tools

Special Features

  • IFTA Mileage Calculator
  • Elevation-Based Fuel Forecasting


  • Search by City and Zip Code Option
  • Site Packed with Other Features like Mileage Calculators and Forecasting Tools 
  • Available Nationwide
  • Versatility in Available Search Options 


  • Makes Money Through Ads on Site, Resulting in a Lot of Scrolling 
  • Not Very User-Friendly 
  • Does Not Offer an Updated SSL Certificate
free freight search

This easy-to-use load board has had over 296 million loads posted via its site. Free Freight Search has over 135,000 carriers and brokers that are registered to use the site and allow unlimited free postings and searchings. You can receive notifications when a new load is added based on your parameters with their free alert tools. 

Best For: Real-Time Alerts

Special Features

  • Nearly 300 Million Loads Posted
  • Unlimited Searching and Posts
  • Search and Click for 50% Fuel Advance Loads


  • Easy to Use Platform
  • Trusted by Over One Hundred Thousand Users
  • Free Real-Time Notifications 
  • Broker Payment Guarantee 


  • Tech Support Only Available Online

How Do Load Boards Work?

Brokers, shippers, and carriers subscribe to load boards. Freight brokers and shippers post available loads to load boards with detailed information about the equipment needed, freight, destination information, and any time requirements. Carriers can then see these available loads and contact the shipper or broker to complete the load if it fits their requirements. Negotiating with the broker directly can be an option with the right load board. 

How To Find the Right Load Board 

There are many free load boards available to carriers. Each has their own varying features to help it work for you. Determining the best free load board for you may depend on several factors we discuss below. 

Use Multiple Boards

If you are only utilizing one load board, you could be missing out on other available loads in your area. With multiple load boards available for free to both carriers and shippers, consider joining several to increase the number of loads available to you. 

Pay Attention To Load Board Cost Details

There are different types of load boards, including free and paid. Many of the paid websites will offer a free trial that you can take advantage of before you are locked into a subscription. Make sure that you’re paying attention to the cost of even a free load board. Is the load board completely free, or will you incur a charge down the road? Is it free to search, but costs to connect with a shipper? The details matter and should be considered before committing. 

Choose Loads

Be cautious with the loads that you select. Consider if the load will be profitable for your business and that you’re getting paid a competitive price. If you’re barely breaking even or losing money, the loads you’re selecting are not the right fit. Some of the best load boards will even have features available to you so that you can see broker information before you decide. See past reviews, their credit scores, and more to ensure you can count on getting paid when you need to. 

Get Connected With the Loads You Need For Free 

Utilizing the best free load boards is the easiest way to connect with the loads you need at no cost. For both new and experienced owner operators, free load boards can confidently help you secure loads with ease. The hassle and expense of booking loads has decreased immensely with the conception of free load boards for truckers. Take advantage and find reliable loads and brokers in no time. 


Is There a Free Load Board?

There is an extensive list of free load boards available to truckers. They come with varying websites, features, and tools.

Are Free Load Boards Worth It?

Free load boards can provide value, but come with significant limitations. They tend to have sparse load volume, minimal vetting and verification, uncontrolled quality, and limited posting or search capabilities.

What Are the Best Load Boards for Dispatchers?

Which load board is best for a dispatcher will depend on their unique requirements. There are great free and paid load boards available for dispatchers nationwide.

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