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Best Ecommerce Shipping Companies

Ecommerce has evolved into a popular form of business, and buyer expectations have changed as ecommerce becomes more popular. Shoppers are no longer required to wait weeks to receive the goods they purchase. 

However, the process of packing and transporting ecommerce orders to customers can be challenging. As competition mounts, online businesses are increasingly outsourcing their order fulfillment processes and integrating their inventory with order management services. 

If you are the owner of an online store, take a look at the following list of the best ecommerce shipping companies available to you.  

Quicklook: Best Ecommerce Shipping Companies

  • Best For International Fulfillment: ShipBob
  • Best For Excellent Customer Service: ShipMonk
  • Best For Customized Freight Offerings: ShipperHQ
  • Best For Small and Medium Businesses: Shippo 
  • Best For Low-Cost Shipping: ShipHero 

5 Best Ecommerce Shipping Options

Here are five of the best ecommerce shipping options. 


Third-party fulfillment company, ShipBob, operates more than 30 fulfillment centers in six different countries all over the world. The company has an excellent track record when it comes to on-time and accurate order fulfillment. As a winner of Adweek’s Retail Award for the best fulfillment technology, ShipBob also offers customized packaging options as well as the opportunity to store products at two or more warehouses. This results in faster and cheaper customer delivery processes overall. 

Best For: International Fulfillment

Warehouse Locations: 

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • The European Union
  • Australia

Operates Internationally: Yes

Special Features: 

  • Personalized packaging
  • Excellent fulfillment technology 
  • Integrates well with ecommerce software
  • 30 fulfillment centers in six countries
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Powerful analytic tools 


  • International service across Europe, North America and Australia
  • Excellent on-time, accurate delivery services 
  • Ecommerce integrated software technology
  • Customized packaging options
  • Two-day delivery service


  • Slow-to-load website 
  • Somewhat difficult to set up software 
  • No in-person customer care


  • Differs 
  • Based on requirements and destination


ShipMonk is a multi-award-winning, third-party logistics platform that offers advanced inventory, order, warehouse and distribution management software. This company can make it easier for you to track your inventory levels and monitor your product across the entire supply chain. ShipMonk has more than 75 software integrations that connect automatically with online shopping carts. 

Best For: Excellent Customer Service

Warehouse Location: The United States

Operates Internationally: Yes

Special Features

  • Inventory and supply chain monitoring
  • Assistance with import freight management
  • Automatic return alerts
  • Excellent customer analytics
  • Real-time connection with online shopping carts
  • Customized packaging options


  • Ability to manage inventory within the supply chain
  • Easy return management system
  • More than 75 software integrations
  • Insights provided per order and based on customer analytics
  • Excellent customer service thanks to Happiness Engineers


  • Only operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico
  • Reports of hidden fees and extra charges

Pricing: Pricing available online 


ShipperHQ, a shipping software company, has been around for more than ten years. Since then, ShipperHQ has accrued a large base of international retailers as customers. The ShipperHQ software integrates with most ecommerce systems, and users can customize their checkout processes so that buyers can choose their freight carriers based on customized rates. In this way, buyers can select a freight carrier that offers the best services for their individual needs and budget. 

Best For: Customized Freight Offerings

Warehouse Location: None

Operates Internationally: Yes

Special Features

  • Contracts with more than 50 carriers
  • In-store collections
  • Live rates and customizable shipping rules


  • Easy-to-use dashboard with great customization options
  • Option for customer to choose the carrier and see the associated costs upfront  
  • Supports over 50 carriers
  • Offers advanced shipping options
  • Allows you to set up your own freight rates
  • Multi-origin shipping to lower costs 


  • Complex process when setting up customizable options 
  • No warehouse management system

Pricing: Pricing depends on carrier


Shippo is an ecommerce shipper that was created with the intention of assisting small and medium enterprises with their ecommerce order fulfillment processes. The company operates a network of more than 85 worldwide carriers. They also use ship products via USPS. Shippo partners with third-party fulfillment companies like Cahoot and ShipBob to offer a global distribution service, too. Shippo supplies software that automates logistics administration, tracks shipments and integrates with online stores. 

Best For: Small and Medium Businesses

Warehouse Location: Check your local area

Operates Internationally: Yes

Special Features

  • Provides analytics reporting
  • Customizable automation for international documentation
  • Real-time freight rates
  • Customized branding options
  • Multiple language options


  • Simple parcel tracking
  • Automated return labels 
  • More than 85 carriers
  • Global partners for international order fulfillment opportunities 


  • No in-person customer support
  • Limited ecommerce integrations

Pricing: Real-time pricing 



ShipHero offers the option of either outsourcing your warehousing operations or managing your own with the help of ShipHero software. The company has eight warehouses across the United States, and its software integrates well with nearly every online shop. ShipHero offers full fulfillment services and partners with DHL for international shipments.

Best For: Low-Cost Shipping

Warehouse Location: The United States 

Operates Internationally: Yes

Special Features

  • Software for managing the fulfillment process
  • Integrates with most ecommerce software
  • Real-time freight rate shopping
  • Built-in returns management
  • Order, inventory, and shipping management


  • Quick and efficient order fulfillment
  • Easy parcel tracking 
  • Automatic uploads of orders from integrated sales software  
  • Offers Delivery Duty Paid for certain international shipments
  • Faster shipping at lower prices 


  • Non-customizable reports 

Pricing: Flat-rate pricing on demand

What Is Ecommerce Shipping?

Ecommerce fulfillment and shipping refers to all of the actions and services that are needed in order to transport online purchases from the original seller to the buyer. This includes receipts of the order, picking, packing and transportation. Many ecommerce shipping companies also offer customization, among a number of other services. 

How Does Ecommerce Shipping Work?

When an online order is placed, it is typically sent in real time to the fulfillment center. At that point, the goods are picked and packed according to the order’s instructions. The packaged goods will be placed on the next available carrier, which will then transport the order to the customer’s final destination. 

What To Consider With Ecommerce Shipping Companies

When you are looking to partner with an ecommerce shipping company, it is important to choose an organization that can provide the services you need at a price you are willing to pay. Here are some other crucial considerations to think about before choosing an ecommerce shipping company. 

Value for Money

Ecommerce is a major part of business, and online sellers have to partner with a shipping company that can meet their needs at a reasonable price. Ecommerce markets are fiercely competitive, so your costs and service quality can either make or break your business.  

User Interface

You’ll need to use your ecommerce shipper’s software to manage your inventory and orders. It will be used to track shipments and run reports in ways that make it possible for you to better understand your business operations. Make sure the software that you are considering has user-friendly portals and an easy-to-navigate interface. 

Ease of Use

Choose an ecommerce shipper that is easy to work with and has years of experience in the industry. The shipper you choose to work with should have an accessible customer service desk, which can help you to resolve any ecommerce shipping problems you encounter as they arise. 


Check that your ecommerce shipper offers software that can easily integrate with your online store. Many shippers offer automated and real-time notifications regarding orders that are placed as well as return requests. This feature can make it easier to efficiently manage your online business. 

Ecommerce Shipping Lets You Focus on Your Business 

As your online business grows, it will start to demand more and more of your time. As such, outsourcing certain responsibilities will make everything easier for you. When you leave the shipping and order fulfillment processes to the experts, you will free up your time in ways that let you focus on marketing your business and planning for growth. With the help of 3PLs, you can improve your chances of business success.


Why Is Shipping Important For Ecommerce?

Ecommerce shipping can make or break an online shop. Customers expect quick and trouble-free shipping without dealing with breakages along the way.

How Long Does Ecommerce Shipping Take?

Standard shipping typically takes between three to five days, but many online businesses offer next-day delivery as well.

How Is Ecommerce Shipping Cost Calculated?

Ecommerce shipping costs are based on the dimensions of the package. 

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