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Best Car Shipping Companies To Ship a Vehicle

Using an auto transport company to ship your car across state lines is a convenient way to get your vehicle to its final destination. However, if you have never used car transport services before, it can be tough to decide which company to pick. To help make your decision easier, we have created this list of the best car shipping companies in the nation. We also list some important factors you must consider when scheduling auto shipping. Let’s get started. 

Quicklook: Best Car Shipping Companies for Hire

  • Best for Quick Turnaround Times: Ship A Car, Inc.
  • Best for Online Self-Service: UShip 
  • Best for Reputation and Credibility: Sherpa Auto Transport
  • Best for Locked-In Rates: American Auto Shipping
  • Best for Affordability: AmeriFreight 
  • Best for Overall Customer Satisfaction: Montway Auto Transport

6 Best Car Shipping Companies for Hire

The best car shipping companies for hire include the following.

Ship A Car, Inc.

Ship A Car, Inc., can quickly accommodate your shipping needs. They ship items ranging from overweight equipment to ATVs and everything in between. If you need a time-sensitive shipping service, Ship A Car, Inc., is a great option. 

Best For: Quick Turnaround Times

Insurance Coverage: 

  • Zero deductible
  • Full loss coverage

International Shipping: No


  • Can accommodate short-notice requests
  • Excellent insurance coverage
  • Wide range of services


  • Pricier than other shipping options



uShip is unique compared to the many other car shipping companies on our list, namely because the company functions more like a marketplace than a transport broker. Once you familiarize yourself with uShip’s user-friendly interface, you will be able to quickly find truckers who provide auto transport services. 

Best For: Online Self-Service 

Insurance Coverage: 

  • Yes
  • $500 of basic coverage

International Shipping: No


  • Access driver profiles
  • Nationwide availability 
  • Extra insurance is available 


  • Quotes are not guaranteed
  • Customer reviews are good, not great
  • Customer service response times are slow

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the most reputable car shipping companies in the nation. It also offers guaranteed quotes, which is almost completely unheard of in the car transportation industry. The company even provides a free car wash so that you can get your car looking great when it arrives at its destination. 

Best For: Reputation and Credibility

Insurance Coverage: 

  • No
  • Partner carriers have at least $100,000 in cargo insurance 
  • Partner carriers have at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage

International Shipping: No


  • Guaranteed rates
  • Free car washes
  • Excellent reputation
  • Great customer service staff


  • The company is relatively new

American Auto Shipping

American Auto Shipping does not require an upfront deposit. The company also has a great reputation, offers $500 so that you can cover your insurance deductible should you need to file a claim, and provides prompt service. The company also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Best For: Locked-In Rates 

Insurance Coverage: 

  • No
  • Will cover your deductible if you have to file a claim

International Shipping: No


  • Locked-in prices
  • No deposits required
  • Accurate instant quote tool
  • Quick pickup turnaround times


  • More affordable options out there 
  • Limited amount of customer feedback and reviews


AmeriFreight has a great rating overall across various review sites. The company also has some of the lowest auto shipping rates out there. If you need straightforward car shipping services but you don’t want to break the bank, AmeriFreight is a great choice.

Best For: Affordability 

Insurance Coverage: 

  • Yes
  • Covers deductibles up to $2,000

International Shipping: No


  • Excellent insurance program
  • Low prices
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Extensive carrier screening process


  • Somewhat complicated pricing system 

Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport offers an excellent combination of top-quality services and affordable pricing. The company frequently partners with carriers that provide GPS vehicle tracking, meaning you’ll be able to access real-time status updates regarding the location of your car. Its website is also incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to obtain a quote or book the services you need.

Best For: Overall Customer Satisfaction

Insurance Coverage: 

  • No
  • Coverage is provided via partner carriers 

International Shipping: No


  • GPS tracking
  • Good mix of value and service quality   
  • Positive industry reputation


  • Does not guarantee quotes 

Things To Consider With Car Shipping Companies

When shopping for car transportation services, we suggest that you consider: 

Credibility and Trustworthiness

What are other customers saying about the shipping car companies you are considering working with? Do those companies seem trustworthy and credible? Or have customers complained about their business practices and lack of integrity?

Another way to assess a company’s trustworthiness is to explore its website. Typically, reputable companies have well-organized websites that clearly list their address and contact information. The top companies also have dedicated reviews or testimonial pages on their sites.

Whether the Carrier Meets Your Needs

All of the positive reviews in the world are meaningless if the shipping company does not offer the services you need. That is why reviewing service types and availability should be one of the first steps in your search for car shipping companies.

For instance, if you need closed car hauling services in three weeks, ensure that the company you are contacting can accommodate this request. 

Proper Licensing and Registration

While it is rare for vehicles to be damaged during auto shipping, accidents do happen. If you are working with a company that is properly licensed and insured, these issues will be remedied through their insurance. However, if the company is not properly licensed, you could be placed in a financially compromised position.

High-Quality Service

Does the company communicate well? Is it clear about pricing and shipping rates? Do staff respond quickly to inquiries for car transport services? Ultimately, if you can confidently answer yes to the questions above, you will likely have a smooth car transportation experience.

Good Reviews

Consumer reviews are one of the best resources for identifying top car shipping companies. If the majority of past customers had a good interaction with a company, you probably will too.

Which Auto Shipping Company Is Right for You?

All of the car shipping companies listed above provide quality auto transport services. With that in mind, we suggest comparing the services and rates offered by each company to find the right provider for you. 


Can I Put Stuff in My Car When I Ship It?

No, you should not store items in your car when you ship it. This set-up increases the weight of your vehicle, which could drive up shipping costs. Also, virtually all carriers prohibit you from storing personal items in your vehicle during shipping.

What Should I Watch for When Shipping a Car?

You should avoid working with shippers that have poor industry reputations. Additionally, make sure to shop around for multiple quotes so that you can find the best rates.

Do They Weigh Your Car When You Ship It?

Yes, transporters weigh your car in order to accurately calculate your shipping rates. Weighing your car is also necessary because commercial vehicles have a limited hauling capacity. The cumulative weight of all vehicles must be less than the rated hauling capacity.

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