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Top benefits of team truck driving

The life of a trucker can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. Plus, if what they say about two heads being better than one is true, then two heads and four hands also apply, especially when it comes to truck driving. 

As you may have already assumed, team truck driving is when two drivers split the load and take turns operating the same truck. Due to federal regulations, the total maximum number of hours that a single river can work is 11, followed by 10 consecutive off-duty hours.

So, what’s an OTR trucker to do? This article will show you the benefits of team driving. Team driving makes your total trips shorter and your rides less isolating, which is great for drivers who are interested in this type of dynamic.

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What is team truck driving?

The FMCSA requires that drivers are off duty for at least 10 consecutive hours, and if you’re driving across the country, then your entire trip is going to take weeks to complete. The perfect way to cut down on that is team driving. So, how does team driving work?

How does team driving work?

If you’re wondering, “How does team driving work?” the answer is pretty simple. Essentially, two drivers take turns delivering the same load. 

Both truck drivers share the workload of a singular truck, which means the responsibilities and driving time are split down the middle. This driving configuration makes for more efficient systems and keeps drivers in compliance while also keeping delivery times on track.

How much do team drivers make?

Since solo drivers have to be off-duty at least 10 hours per day, there are 10-hour stretches during which work can’t be continued, which in turn means that they won’t be eligible for certain OTR jobs. 

Team drivers typically end up getting more priority loads due to the ever-increasing needs of ecommerce and expedited shipping needs. Teams can do upwards of 5,000 miles per week, whereas a solo driver tops out around 2,800 miles per week, and they have to do all of the work themselves.

Is team driving better than solo?

Though there are many benefits to team driving, if the solitude of the road is the reason why you became a truck driver, team truck driving probably isn’t for you. That’s because you’ll spend all of your time with your fellow driver, leaving you with very little time to yourself. 

Another reason to not drive as part of a team is if you don’t want to spend what can be a very intimate, arduous and specifically multi-hour experience with someone you don’t know. While you can usually choose your driving partner, some people don’t have that choice, meaning they end up driving with a stranger. 

There is nothing worse than being on a road trip with someone you don’t like, unless you also have to get along with and work well with that person. All of that said, there are many benefits to working as part of a truck driving team.

6 benefits of team driving

There are many types of driving jobs, most of which include tireless hours. With more and more companies pushing for on-demand and expedited shipping options, team driving is sometimes the only way to go to work more without sleeping less.

Team driving is more efficient

A major no-brainer when it comes to the benefits of team truck driving is that there’s going to be improved efficiency overall. As a singular driver, you can only work 11 hours per day. After those 11 hours, you must stop for an uninterrupted 10 hours of off-duty time. 

With two drivers, things can happen in shifts. Inversely, each of you could drive for half the day, cutting OTR trucking trips down by nearly half if you work strategically. On top of having someone to split the drive time with, you’ll also have someone who can help you lighten the load and load your vehicle quicker.

Earn additional money

Many companies have mile incentives. With two drivers operating the same vehicle, truckers can operate their vehicles for longer periods of time, which means that team drivers will make more money per mile. There’s also the added bonus of many sign-on bonuses, which many companies offer to team drivers.

Even though you have to split the money when you work as a team driver, you’ll already be making double as a team for doing half the work. On average, team drivers earn at least $500 more per week than solo operators.

Choose your own partner

Many truckers don’t want to work in an office. They would usually rather be on the open road, but even so, certain drivers aren’t looking for solitude. Unlike most people who have to cooperate with coworkers, team truck drivers can choose their partners, too. 

Whether you want to be on the road with your best friend or a complete stranger, the dynamic is generally up to you. The ability to choose your partner will make your working hours that much more enjoyable. 

Team driving is safer

Think about what it’s like to drive 11 hours per day and then have to take your required 10-hour break with no one to talk to or to keep you alert. That break might not be enough time for you to rest and get some sleep before you have to start driving again. 

Team driving is safer because you’ll never have to be left alone in the dark of night, sleeping and defenseless in the event that something happens. Not only is there not as high of a chance of theft when you drive in pairs, but you’ll also have someone with you in the rare event that you are in harm’s way on the road. 

Two heads are better than one

Humans are social creatures, and truck driving can be a semi-isolating job. So, why not opt for team driving where you can take a fellow CDL-certified friend on the road with you to lighten the load, all while doubling your money? Explore this new career option today.


How do team truck drivers sleep with truck moving?

Team truck drivers sleep in bunk beds behind the front seats of the truck cab, allowing one driver to rest while the truck is moving so they can drive nearly nonstop.

Why do team truck drivers make more?

Team drivers make more because together they can maximize drive time and mileage pay nearly around the clock instead of being limited by a single driver’s daily limits.

How many miles can team drivers drive in a week?

Team drivers can legally drive over 5,500 miles per week by alternating driving and rest periods for continuous movement.

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